Saturday, October 29, 2022

Sowing and Sewing

 Sowing and Sewing have both made progress.

 Both Grandsons have small  vege gardens here with us. This is the 4 year olds . In the previous post it shows the little plants just up. Here they are now out in his garden He did so well transplanting them. Netting covers to stop rabbits or neighbours' ( multiple )  cats digging.

One of  R's vege patches with potatoes,  peas watermelon and  courgette plants.
 At the moment we are picking broccoli, asparagus, cauliflowers and these small red cabbages which are great cooked or in Cole slaw.

Plenty of colour in the flower gardens. This bright orange gazania was not my choice , ( R's ), but I thought you would love it Pam D ( hehe ).
 I much prefer the pink.

 Out the side door from the laundry is a wooden retaining wall that has the clothes line and some shrubs. on top. It is quite a dry area especially in Summer so Gazanias ( not listed with my favourites ) do well there and have self seeded everywhere.  They cross pollinate and come up in lots of colours.
 Some have dropped to the garden border below and fill gaps or get weeded out. They only open in the sun, but provide lots of free plants.

I am working on 3 different small sewing projects at the moment. This felt panel is part of an elongated cushion cover. I am attaching the leaves which is easy hand stitching. Also handstitched is this current felt ball. Having said I wasn't making any more I changed my mind and am currently working on the 29th one, for a wee baby called Eloise.

 The third project is a group one. At P and Q we were asked to make a panel for a continuous landscape which will all be hung side by side. I have till early December to finish that. It is machine sewn and only partly completed. A panel about A4 size. Photos when I finish it.

 Finally I am picking lots of Graham Thomas roses which are doing well I think because of extra heavy rainfall in July.

 Unique rhododendrons flower around the garden about 10 in all.
 The yellow violas down both sides of the new steps are still bright and have bushed up. ( good value ).