Saturday, December 31, 2016

The Last Day of the Year.

 I ( We ) was kindly given some flowers that I was able to select myself. I really love flowers so that was a treat. I chose frilly Lisianthus and 3 types of Carnations - my favourites.
 Big apricot ones,lime green ones and pink and white.ones
 The lisianthus buds are lime green and turn apricot and pink when they open.
 Yesterday was very warm. Warm enough for little Grandson to play in a few inches of sun warmed water in the paddling pool. He loved it.
 He really likes water play of any sort. Cans and hoses in particular. 
 Quilters do you notice the resemblance to Sun Bonnet Sue?
I hope all is well with my blog friends. I have not been spending much time catching up on your activities.

Saturday, December 24, 2016

Season's Greetings.

May all my Blogging Friends have a safe and 
Happy Christmas.
 Wishing you fun and laughter  with Family and friends.

Tuesday, December 06, 2016

Warmer Weather Work.

 The first pick ( of 2 )( 2nd one will be in January )  for export of our avocados got done last week. R drove the tractor, I ground picked and 3 hydraladas  drivers picked all the high up avocados.

 We only picked 20 bins on this pick.

 We were reasonably pleased with the % pack out we got. Some fruit had the scars from hail damage a year ago, but other than that the fruit looked good. Do you like avocados? They are very good for you.
 One day I got a little quilting done on my finished hexagons. The machine is working well after it's service ( still no new tray ) .
 This is the back of a hexagon. the pattern shows up better there. It is a basic petal shape. Each petal pointing out to the tip of the points on the hex.
 This Christmas fabric was suitable to use in my garden theme, so I plan to have quite a patch of poinsettias in it. I like the paler colours of the fabric.
 There has been so much to do in the orchard and the garden with amazing growth.

 I have been replanting this area around the waterlily bowl. It is far brighter than it shows here. With the addition of compost the plants are doing quite well.
 Elsewhere my David Austin rose is flowering well and my new one called Grace has 7 buds so can't wait to see if I like it.