Sunday, September 25, 2022

Tired but Moving along.

 Thanks for your kind wishes Molly; Janice ; Chooky and Diane. I have fully recovered except for the tiredness and lack of energy. Gradually working my fitness back up to previous levels.

  This cineraria is even brighter than it looks here. It is with other less desirable colours in this bed under a flowering cherry tree.

Tomorrow NZ gets a Memorial Holiday to remember QE II. She did SO well.
 Grandsons are coming over for the day so their parents can spend the day packing in prep for moving to their new (build) house in the next couple of weeks. (very exciting for them as it has taken SO long ) 
 Smaller Grandson comes to us each Monday and we try to do many different activities. He is 4 now.
 R made him this little wheelbarrow in which he is transporting oranges in up the slope of the lawn. He is a VERY willing worker.
 Here he is painting ( with acrylic paint ) the little plane he built ( with only a little guidance ) 
 Using an eye dropper ( so he didn't drown them )  he is watering the New World Little Plants that both boys planted the weekend before.
 Bigger GS  has less time here now  so yesterday I planted out his snow peas into his outside garden. They were growing through the  peat pot. Most of the seeds germinate so fast inside the house, twice daily watering is required. 2morrow we will start some more.

 On the sewing front I am back working in felt . 2 projects -  one a felt embroidered ball ( even tho I thought I would never make another - this is # 32.)

 We have a 2nd bright sunny day. It cheers me!