Friday, August 27, 2021

Sewing During Lockdown.

 Here in NZ we are now in day 10 of  Covid level 4 lockdown.

 Staying home the whole time has given me more incentive to get on with making my quilt, called "These are a Few of My Favourite Things.

 I have been using my Inktense pens to colour some black and white fabrics to make them more interesting for this particular project.
 I have been cutting out parts of fabrics ( fussy cutting ) to sew to background squares or strips. I had been through my fabric stash 3 times and was becoming a bit desperate what to use next. I mentioned it to my sister on the phone and she went through her fabric containers and popped some bits in the post.-  they got to me in less than 4 days.
 I am now probably going to break some of my self imposed rules. I don't really like cup cakes but I'll put them in anyway.
 I have drawn a few with my pens but they seem a bit pale. Otherwise it is coming along well. I think I may  be 75 % there now. That depends on the final size I decide on.
 Every night I sew more on while watching TV - cause that's not always very exciting.
 I missed the company of my Quilting friends today but made sure it was a sewing day for me.
 I hope you Kiwis are all well an doing as we are told.( for how much longer? )

Monday, August 16, 2021

Several Seasons in the Garden.


Over the weekend I finished pruning the roses so late  blooms like this ended up in a vase inside. ( Graham Thomas ) 

 In the same vase are Spring flowers like my favourites Burtoni Freesias and Hyacinths. A real competition for which has the best perfume.

 Outside the wind made  these daffodils  lean.
 A good year for daffs.

 The Valthemia in a pot is quite happy not being planted out yet.

 The 3 flowering cherries out at the moment continue to attract the birds. Such a delight to watch.
 There are 7 cherries altogether the others flower a bit later.

 The mandarins ( 1000s ) are finished now so today I picked the first Tangelos.

I have been sewing too. I laid some of them out . Some are joined in vertical strips now.
 They will get swapped around as I complete more.
 I am enjoying the hand sewing of the motifs.
 I have sewing group tomorrow so that will be fun. We do enjoy each others company.