Thursday, October 22, 2020

Flowers, Veges and Baking.

 These sweet smelling bright sweet peas are on the end of the kitchen bench. They are a bonus as they came self sown from last years ones. I endeavour to have a small vase of something perfumed in that space at all times and inhale the smell often.
 I have been spending hours and hours in the garden, but am happy there. I do have to limit the time or I get too tired.
 Our long sloping driveway has a curved garden on both sides at the top. The garden surrounds  the trunk of  2 Grandiflora magnolias  - one can be seen in the photo. Gardening around and under these trees presents it own problem. - mostly roots of every size. and dropped leathery leaves. Every time I work these 2 garden I can't help thinking maybe we should have cut the trees out before I ever started.
 I now have the bones of each garden in place and will carry on fleshing them out with small annuals or perennials.  
Plantings include Vireya rhododendrons, azaleas, hellebores, deutzia, gerbras, hostas, small red flax, geraniums, heuchera, tiarella and cyclamen. ( also daffodils that pop up and flower then die down. ) Across the front are white polyanthus and salvia. I have just respaded the edges to neaten it all up. Colours are mainly red and white.. The white vireya are perfumed. Nothing else planted here is  especially pleasing to the nose..
 My perfumed plants are closer to the house. ( roses and carnations, daphne and sweet peas)  Lavenders abound but they were already here.
 As I have done for over 40 years, I keep a garden book where I record every purchase - where I plant it when and how much. It is useful to refer to. I always take the labels off and keep them in a box.
 I started a new book when we moved here 2+ years ago. 

 Inside. The new oven is working well. As well as cooking meals I have successfully made short bread and fruit cake and mouse traps.
 In the bread maker some dense yummy seedy , fruity bread.

 My hand sewing is progressing well. I have started on the inside pockets of my needle case and have almost finished the poppies and leaves.

 Now I am off out to pot up little New World seedlings ready to harden off..
 My strawberry patch is looking really promising and we have been eating asparagus in small helpings.      There is always lots to do around here.
 I have just read 2 not so wonderful books  - can't win them all!. Its Great to have the Listener back weekly. I get very good value out of that.
 Stay safe - things are a bit scary again.

Monday, October 05, 2020

Happenings Lately.

 All the rhododendrons that were in this garden are the same. A nice small bush and one I had at the orchard called Unique. They are starting to flower and look lovely.

 I won all these goodies packed up in a basket last Patchwork and Quilting day It was the September raffle.( 2 fabrics, little scissors, serviettes, a rotary cutter, a coaster, a lovely rose mug and a little purse size hand sanitizer that smells of peaches.) Lucky me!

Elder Grandson had lots of little friends to his 5th birthday party held at a climbing place called Rocktopia.

 Here he is having a go. All activities required harnesses  that then allow the climber to push out and get down.. A really great place for little people. The noise was loud!