Monday, February 19, 2018

Trying to be( a ) Patient.

Thanks for the words of encouragement.
 Some things I can do left handed but many things I can't. Quite a lot of things need both hands.
 I can sew machine zigzag okay cause there is no precision needed and I cut the towel up earlier last week. I am making baby wipes.
 When I came home after surgery last Wednesday this is how I looked.
 I had an ugly  fast growing growth  ( possibly squamous cell carcinoma  ) ( result not back from path lab yet ) on my
right arm just above where the wrist bends. It grew in size while I kept getting referred to someone else then someone else......

 If you are squeamish stop reading / looking right now.

 Today I have been back to have it redressed and it's doing well.
 To make sure it was all removed a cm all round of clear skin had to be taken away.
 A full depth graft was taken from under my upper right arm....very good stretchy skin........ first use I have had for that sagging flesh!

  When the nurse had it exposed she was taking a photo of its progress so I asked to take one with my phone.
 This is what it looks like.
 An insect with too many legs?  

My upper arm just has a thin plaster across the stitches now and it has a lovely bruise running from the bottom of it. Stitches still in.

 I asked today if it was alright to type and write for a short while - yes. When the sling gets too sweaty ( most of the time ) rest your arm against your upper body if sitting down. and at night put a pillow under it.
 Definitely don't get it wet, don't chop or twist your wrist or lift anything heavier than a cup. Don't go near the orchard or garden ! 
 It will all take a while to heal and be very vulnerable to bumps so stay away from crowds.
 I will try and obey orders and be a good patient....I don't want the graft to fail or have to be redone.

Sunday, February 11, 2018

Rain, Rain.....

 Rain. Rain. Rain. These Asters were just beginning to flower and look quite bright and breezy...that was before the rain started. They don't look nearly so good mud splattered and with drooping heads.  Picking veges in the rain isn't much fun either.   Oh well.
 Yesterday I did a little stitch work. Yes, you read that right. I stitched! It was so long since I had worked on this Walkway wall hanging I had to start another lot of notes for myself about thread colour ; stitch length etc. At the moment I am thread painting. ( sort of ) securing all the rushes and bushes that have fine pointy edges.
 I will do some more today.
 On Friday we had our first P and Q meeting for the year. There because I didn't want to lug my machine I started putting together felt ball # 27. I could see to do that inside on another wet dull light day.

 From this coming Wednesday I may have to become left handed for a while. I have been trying to think ahead and complete  many jobs  that require right handed skills, or both hands .
 I will let you know how I go and what I am having done after that time - if I can type. Surely I can do that left handed...we shall see. 

Tuesday, February 06, 2018

Fun with Family.

A warm windy Waitangi Day here in NZ. I hope yours is going well!

 Over the last few days Grandson and his parents have been staying. He loves helping with jobs especially garden tasks...particularly with picking veges or fruit. Spotting them is a speciality.
 Beans are just the right height.
Deciding which of 4 watermelons to pick, ...and are they ready. No second chances with cutting a melon.
 As luck would have it it was perfect.
Juicy and delicious.
 Small yellow tomatoes were easy for him. His dad decided to get creative before taking a pic of how many we got.

 Making his own pleasing arrangement by slicing a banana onto his toast with almond butter.