Saturday, April 23, 2022

That Old Chestnut.

 The sun was shining the sky was blue and I very much needed a walk. A mood enhancing walk.

 This is the 3rd time I have returned from walking the perimeter of our neighbourhood with chestnuts.
 As a child I remember us roasting chestnuts ( which my Dad came home with from a neighbouring property ) on a metal heath shovel in the open fire place. It is my preferred way to eat them. ( R likes them boiled and put in  casseroles ) I did a little googling about chestnuts and was surprised to see so many benefits ; Lots of Vit C and other vitamins  and minerals and GF and rich in antioxidants. Good for digestion and low GI. ( I might go back for a 4th pick up )  The water birds from the ponds are eating them too.
 Previous generations who had known hunger would not be letting them go to waste like these ones.( mostly mown up! )

 Chrysanthemums also say Autumn. I love their smell. 

Some late Summer flowers are still enticing monarch and white butterflies.

 these Zinnias all grew either self sown from last year or ones I dried and threw back in the same place.

 I've been self isolating ( as a family member had a positive test result ) so didn't go to Patchwork on Friday but  used that same time to cut out 5 more placemats and have them pinned ready. I have enough backing to make one more after that but can't decide which top fabric to pick ( from several ) Ill decide when I have finished # 11.
 Next post I will show the lovely persimmons I have picked.

Wednesday, April 13, 2022

An Inside Sort of Day.

 Over night we had heavy rain ( needed ) then gusty winds which resulted in a 2 hour power outage first thing this morning. It has calmed now and the concrete out the window has dried. To save these beauties from the wind I picked the bunch and have them on the bench inside.  I think this might be called St. Mary's rose ( breed locally by Rob Somerfield ).They were the only 2 roses in this garden when we came here. A delicate perfume. 

 The rose bushes are  improving now that big shady trees overhanging them, belonging to next door have been cut back . We didn't even ask- those neighbours are in no way gardeners. (They didn't even notice ) In front of them I have planted 3 low growing white rose carpets.


I am sewing  These 5 are complete and #6 almost. It has hazel nuts on it.

 The back shows the simple hexagon quilting design.

 The new steps are all finished. The plants just need to grow a bit so it doesn't look quite so new.

 Yellow violas and small flax  -  Phormium  Spearmint and dwarf Gardenia Radicans ( suitable for pots ) in the 2 new blue pots at the bottom. I may yet plant something else in the gaps between the flax. Not gardening weather today! Back to the sewing and reading. Stay safe out there.