Friday, May 18, 2018

Where Things are at Currently.

Thanks for your encouraging comments Julie ;Chooky; Linda; Loulee; Dianne and Janice, You gave me a little boost when I needed it.
 The Luculia tree is looking magnificent today. Although it is dropping leaves on the newly sprouted grass just below.
 #2  son made a creditable start to sorting out his stuff when down here at the weekend!
 Tuesday was the day we were to get new carpet laid in the lounge and office. Tuesday was also the day when we got 68mls of rain in quite a short time. In order to move the furniture we had to find places inside the house . The van bringing the new and taking away the old carpet was able to back into the carport and keep mostly dry.
 Luckily the dining room is tiles so the couches could be stacked on top of each other.
 Moving all the stuff in the office required some sorting and throwing by me the day before, so that all stands in good stead for if we move soon. We are pleased with the new carpet although it stinks of some sort of treatment so leaving the doors open when we can. I hope the smell goes soon.

 Selling. We have had quite a few people through and today for the first time a couple gave us their second offer in writing. We reduced the price a  little  and they came up a little.  So it may be looking quite promising.
 It is time consuming and exhausting mentally so last night I didn't sleep well ( but that's nothing new ).

 On the kiwifruit front Eurofins came in early today and took fruit samples to test so picking is not far away now. ( A silly time to be trying to sell but at least prospective buyers get to see this crop on the vines .)
 Absolutely no sewing but a little knitting; lots of cleaning, deciding, sorting and some boxing of books and glassware etc.