Thursday, November 19, 2020

A Completed Project.


 My friend Helen had made a needle case ( for packets of needles ) with a 3 rows of tiny hexagons across the middle and ribbon ties to close it.
 I took the measurement and changed the way it looks by designing my own felt Iceland poppies for the outside covering.

 On the inside are pockets for packets or whatever I like.

 To close it, it folds into 3 and because I didn't want ties spoiling my flowers I have used 2 domes. on the corners. The binding is a pretty batik fabric I already had. Apart from sewing the binding on it  and defining the pockets it was a hand stitched project ( very portable ). It used up some of my large supply of felt and embroidery cottons.
 I am really pleased with the results.
 Despite throwing lots of rots ( caused by last weeks heavy rain ) on the lawn for the birds 

 I managed to pick this bowl of strawberries. I have left some big ripe ones for the 2 grandsons to find ( and eat ).

Sunday, November 15, 2020

A Mystery Trip.


 What a slack Blogger I have been lately. I have been mostly gardening not sewing.
 Last Friday which is my regular Patchwork and Quilting Group day some of our ladies ( 24 in all ) set off on a "Mystery Car Trip," organised by Marilyn . It meant an early start. I was quite spoiled as my friend Dorna offered to pick Jenni ( who lives near me ) and me up so we didn't all have to take cars.  Strangely we got to the city in really quick time ( this road is usually SO slow in the mornings ) I then changed cars and was driven by another friend Shirley with Helen navigating. All she was given to follow was an address...for rural Whakatane...which turned out to be Pins to Patches, which is a very well stocked Patchwork shop, now at the owners own home ( in the country ).

 I didn't spend much during our various stops at shops, only getting things I had run out of like green cotton and also some large domes for my nearly finished needle case project. I shouted myself some new very thin pins ( so now I can throw some of my not fit for purpose ones away ) and a magazine.

On our return journey we stopped at Blueberry Corner. I got 2 punnets a huge fresh blueberries at a good price and the ladies all got a berry cream freeze. They were huge - even the small size, and took some eating. They were delicious ,but too big for me.( above some of us sitting in the shade licking fast ) Jenni took the photo. We all arrived home safely. I was tired despite not driving. We had a happy day together and all get on well. ( I think we might do it again some time in the future )

 My new secateurs. ( made in France I see ) After about 20 years of faithful service in garden and orchard my very expensive ones began to mal function and R couldn't fix them this time so he got me a new much cheaper pair. They won't get anywhere near the use the other orchard ones got. So far they are cutting clean and easy so I hope that lasts.
I'm off to bake now.