Saturday, October 31, 2015

Harvesting .

 I have spent much of today working in my garden. I started by harvesting, some silver beet that was heading to seed, a handful of broccoli side shoots, a lovely cauliflower 
( # 4 of 6 )  and some rather pathetic beetroot.
 Guess what we are having for dinner tonight?

Monday, October 26, 2015

Little Treats for Me.

Today as well as my usual treat to myself, which is my long black espresso coffee I make myself  every mid morning, I gave my nose another  treat. The smell of cloves  (perhaps) in the form of carnation perfume.(Dianthus Passion )
 The plant is doing so well I felt I could pick some without spoiling the display.
I put them in my Hogland glass vase on the bench and every time I go near I plunge my nose into them. The smell doesn't seem to get inhaled away luckily.
 I have other carnations and pinks and even sweet William but none smell as good.( maybe Otaki Pink does ? )
 This Sweet William is nearly as dark in colour.

Yesterday afternoon I weeded this , my Herb garden which is flourishing. The netting is over the 2nd sowing of snap peas.
 I also weeded this my part of the vege patch.
 Particularly the small Spring onions at the far end.

 Then I mowed all the lawns so I could take a photo like this.
 I love the lawn freshly mown.
 A few other garden spots are looking good.
 Pale pink tritonia growing up through Astelia Nervosa Westland. They both like it dry. The nearby Rimu tree  sucks all the moisture out of the soil here.
 The Hostas are all up. This is the biggest leaf one.( not my favourite but certainly big )

The 1st yellow gerbras.

 Lots of red alstromeria.
 Several patches of purple irises.

A miniature lemon rhododendron that has maroon leaves.
 So far the only bug ( pest ) I can spot anywhere in the garden is spittle bug which doesn't really cause any harm it just looks yukky, if you look really closely. ( I hope the bugs stay away, especially the passionvine hoppers and the bronze beetle which usually eats young growth like these roses.)
 I love my garden when it looks and smells pleasant.

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

First Meeting.

 I (We ) have been spending a couple of days meeting my new Grandson. He has a good strong grasp. He looks a lot like his Daddy and his Uncle at the same age. He has his Mummy's chin and I am hoping her beautiful dark wavy hair.
 He is having some feeding problems but has managed to gain a little weight.
 Here he is having his first big sleepy cuddle in my arms.
 What a little darling!
 I wonder what lies ahead for him in this rapidly changing world?
  He has very devoted  and capable parents and  a loving wider family who will all be looking out for his welfare.
Be prepared for many more post about his adventures.

 As well as a new Grandson I have a new toy ? appliance ? distraction? time saver ?......
 My first mobile phone ( stop laughing ). It's a smart phone. It's owner is not, but endeavouring to be.
 My typing on the computer is about maximum of 4 fingers ( cause I never learned at school) ( we had to do languages instead - I know which would have been more useful as it turns out! ) my texting hilariously clumsy. The word practise springs to mind.

 So there is quite a bit new and different in my life, and certainly lots to look forward to.
 Out in the orchard Spring winds have been blowing and we have some damage to the  new growth on the kiwifruit vines - it happens about this time almost every year. So we are not stressing. There is plenty of work for us to be getting on with.

Sunday, October 11, 2015

Fruit & Veg to Come.

Thank you Molly, Jane, joolz ,Dianne,Thimbleanna, Suzy, Linda and  Annie ( RR ), for your comments . They are much appreciated.
 I can't yet add to that subject so I will talk about something else.

 My eye and my camera tell me there should be things to eat in the future. This is # 2 cauliflower of 6. We have eaten # 1 2 weeks ago. It is good that they are staggering their development.
 Also ripe for the eating are these 6 wee tom Thumb lettuce.

 Down in the orchard the kiwifruit are getting their leaves and flower buds slowly.
 This is a female vine.
 The males are a bit ahead and look like this.

 In the home orchard there is blossom on the nashi.

 ( can you see the bee doing his thing? )
There are some plums set if you look very closely.
 The apple tree is just starting.
 With all the fruit this is the first step of many before the eating part. But it is a promising beginning.

 One last thing to show. I bought this ( here half peeled so you could see it both ways ) is a purple fleshed  kumara.

Tuesday, October 06, 2015

First Grandchild.

Yesterday the 5th of October was an exciting and very special day for me ( us ). Our first Grandson was born.  ( 5/ 10 / 15 )  No name yet. We are so proud of our young ones !
 He was almost exactly the same birth weight as his Daddy, all those years ago. He has lots and lots of dark hair and looks just perfect. ( we have seen 4 photos so far )
 I have just finished a second blanket for his cot, using up all the wool scraps from the other baby knitting I have done.
I am not sure when our first visit will be to meet him in person, as I think the little new family needs some time together and to  rest.
 I must be sure I have no lingering germs from my recent cold and cough. It is about 98% gone.
I still haven't decided what I wish to be called. ( Grandma is already taken, so I am trying out the sound of various other options.)

 A little new person to love and spoil.