Saturday, July 31, 2021

A Bright Spot.


 A bright spot in the back garden ( on a dreary day ) as the first of 7 flowering cherries begins to blossom.
 The Tuis and Wax eyes are very busy in the branches. 

Wednesday, July 21, 2021

A Great Series.

 I'm interrupting my previous theme to tell you about these books that I heartily recommend. 

The Seven Sisters by Lucinda Riley.

 Sadly Lucinda died quite recently this year so that is a huge and sad loss.

3 of the covers.
 Each book is about 800 pages but I have just raced through them. 

 I have missed 2 but my local bookshop rang me yesterday to say my copy of book 1 has arrived. Another friend who introduced me to the series said they could be read in any order. ( true ) 
 If you google Lucinda's name their are several website that could give you more information.
 Do try and get hold of these if you haven't already I am sure you will be enthralled as I was.

Tuesday, July 06, 2021

The Pantry , the Freezer, the Vege & Herb garden.

 Basically it boils down to I don't want items that come in plastic or are over packaged. Paper bags and boxes / containers are fine. Any fruit and veg I buy I use my own reusable ( string mainly ) bags. I try to buy whole items like pumpkin so no need for glad wrap across a cut. Best I like to pick straight from our  own vegetable or herb garden  Meat from the butcher's shop is okay but not supermarket trays with plastic covers.

 We make  and freeze a lot of our own spreads like pesto and capsicum dip so those are in small glass jars which get reused. We do however like cream cheese  and frozen peas etc  they come in plastic. When we freeze our own surplus veges we tend to put them in plastic bags or containers( sometimes glass jars )( glass jars in a freezer can become very slippery and heavy ) 

 I use a small amount of milk and cream mainly for baking/ cooking but can't find that in glass. ( we don't have milk in our tea or coffee)( but sometimes need it for guests )  Maybe milk suppliers  could go back to glass bottles that get recleaned and reused, ( I know glass breaks and therefore can be dangerous ) 

 Looking into the pantry cupboard in my picture I see glass jars, tins, al cans , paper containers but I also see large plastic containers that are in constant use - those I don't mind as I am reusing and reusing. ( for flour, sugar, baking needs and  home baked goods . At the bottom are containers to reuse.

 Looking elsewhere. Should I stop using biros and instead only pencils. Should I stop buying sewing thread on plastic reels - they used to be wood.  I use cotton or wool or bamboo batting in my quilts. 

 I use bankcards that are made of strong plastic, some are renewed every 2 years. The ones I think we could do without are pressy cards and plastic loyalty cards ( lots are cardboard so that's better ) 

 It seems to me I keep thinking we need to go back to a time before things were packaged this way.

 Next post I will start on about clothing, footwear, cars.

 * Thanks for your comments  I did find shampoo in a cake. Haven't tried it yet.   Any other good ideas Ladies?