Sunday, April 30, 2023

Inside Weather Today.

 Although it is indoor weather today I can see from my windows some flowering delights.

 Now 18 months old (in my garden )  the Vireya rhododendron at the front door is looking very happy and healthy. Its called Dawn Chorus. I had one at the orchard that did brilliantly so knew I liked it.
 On the other side of the house the Zygocactus is coming into flower. I was doing some research on it and it is now reclassified as Schlumbergera. I know in the Northern Hemisphere you call it Christmas cactus. ( I hope I can remember its new name! ) Its many years old and is happily repotted in a terracotta pot..
 In July our Patchwork and Quilting group is having an Exhibition. As I have lots of felt still I have been making Christmas decorations for the Sales Table. It doesn't really show here but they need something shiny to look any good. ( thread or beads or baubles ) I have more cut out . They are my hand sewing project at the moment.

 I will show you this for a laugh. The all time largest feijoa I have seen
 Back to the kitchen now where I am making bread and have made a date loaf. Its chilly  ( & wet ) enough outside to day to appreciate the heat from the oven.

Thursday, April 13, 2023

Plenty of feijoas and walnuts .

It's Autumn so collecting the fallen feijoas is a daily task. When it has been windy or raining or both there is over 100 at a time to get. They have been being distributed to friends and family and friends of friends. With feijoas there seems to be no middle ground. You like them or hate them. You have none or lots.
 Yesterday  the Grandsons helped me pick up the walnuts. Smaller is in the front and bigger grandson is in the photo. ( where's Wally situation )  The walnut is now quite a large tree.
 Previously I have been laying the collected nuts to dry on an old drop cloth outside  in the sun for a week. That doesn't work when it's raining so I have them lined up on trays  along the window sills inside ( much easier as long as there aren't too many )

 4 year old G/ son wanted some knitted slippers for kindy - ones that would be good for sliding on the wooden floors! 
 I had to adapt a baby bootee pattern using bigger needles and 4 ply to make some to fit. He was happy. 7 year old g/son is now knitting at school and comes to me for help with casting on and off.

Although my dahlias  required quite a lot of tying up and staking they have been a delight for weeks and weeks. These white pompom ones  have long  stems for picking.