Saturday, September 15, 2018

Bright Quilt.

Yesterday was Patchwork and Quilting day for me with the Tauranga group. In order to get ladies to finish some put aside projects we have a thing we call " Top  5 ". Any one who wants to enters their name in a notebook with a description of the project ( quilt ) they would like to get finished but for whatever reason procrastinate over. We have  a draw of the names every now and then with a small prize. Valerie came with this huge bright quilt which she started over 10 years ago. She had finally finished it. It was magnificent and bigger than King size.  ( the photo shows it lying on a bench but gives an idea of the bright colours.
 On the sunny day during the week I weeded this area around one of the cherry trees. Today I planted some ice land poppies and some snapdragons.. I have covered them with net to try and deter the digging rabbits.
 This morning I added 6 asparagus plants to the little patch here. I also planted an early cucumber and a sweet 100 tomato in the plastic house hoping they will come ready before our main outside plantings.
This lovely cauli I picked and gave to the nice neighbours. There is an even bigger one for us to pick for dinner.
The bees are loving the many lavender bushes.
 Its been a beautiful Spring Day in BOP.

Thursday, September 13, 2018

Having a short Break.

We recently had a flight to Wellington.
 The Captain wanted some good photos of the mountains in the middle of the North Island so we also got some good close shots.
This is Mt Ngaruhoe ( the pointy one ) and Mt Tongariro.

 This is Mt Ruapehu - the crater lake is just visible.

  We visited Te papa - this was a colourful display for kids.

 We visited the War memorial Exhibition and went down in the Trenches. Very realistic very smelly. ( Peter Jackson Creations.) No cameras or phones or bags allowed so no photos.

 Staying at our Hotel were  the All Blacks. ( just back from Nelson )  Gosh they are tall when you stand next to them in a lift! 

 We only bought meals and Books! quite a few books.

Wednesday, September 05, 2018

I've Had My Gumboots on Most of Today.

 I've been strenuously working in the garden then decided to take a break down at the Jetty. The tide was coming in fast.
This trailer was delivered this morning, so having it's first photo shoot.
This is the boundary fence between us and nice neighbours.
From their side the sun makes a swaggy shadow.
 Do notice the sky in these two photos.When R offered me a quick ride back up the guessed it....I had the first ride in the trailer!
 Glad I did cause it bucketed down.

 First thing this morning this was in the sky.( it has a 2nd very pale one to the right ) 
But then the sun stayed out. I got washing dry...then suddenly navy blue sky.
Earlier we both had been pulling out half dead box hedge. R wants to plant his potatoes behind here.
 He has a heavy grey strap around the trunk of the plant. The Hustler does the work.

 Elsewhere I was carefully digging my ones out.

 The  first lovely cherries are now finished and have new feathery red leaves.  4 more are yet to flower - different  ones.