Thursday, June 18, 2020

Something Soapy.

 I have now used up all my   left over hexagons  from my Garden quilt of 2 years ago.
 They are in between size . Either large coaster or small place mats. I have lots this same size I put under pot plants and dishes on any surface that might get scratched or stained.
 I now need to start a new hand sewing Project!

Below is a photo of a gift I was given. Anyone tried it?

 It is hand made in Brentwood Lane.
!00% plant oil based soap wrapped in NZ Corriedale wool.
 Apparently the wool felts up as the soap get smaller. It says it is a good exfoliant and anti fungal.
 As you can see I haven't wet it yet. I will report back 
 I looked on their website and there are lots of  different soaps. This one is Charcoal Detox. - it smells interesting - not unpleasant. ( the only worry I have is the wool blocking the drain? )

 Getting a little rain.

 I have only my quilt to layer and quilt and my knitting to finish. ( new project ??? )

Made savoury scones ( yum ) and leek and potato soup this morning.

 I have posted this using new Blogger. I also fiddled about a bit and discovered I can read your blogs if you are listed on my right hand side bar under My Blog List.
 I cannot read your blogs if you are on my Reading List which is on the entry page to blogger - that involves being redirected to your blogs ( 2 more steps ).
 If that continues I will need to list all blogs I want to follow on my My Blogs List.
 I also found out if I click on New post from my blog it does it the old way. If I click on New Post on the previous page it is new Blogger.
 I need to retrain myself!.

Tuesday, June 16, 2020

Gone to the Recycling.

This very tatty, ripped,  passed it's use by date poly house is no longer. No more flapping plastic.
 R and Son pushed it over on Sunday and all the cut up parts were taken to recycling on the truck this morning.
 R is going to rebuild similar using wood and ?  At the moment the back of the asparagus cage and the blueberry cage is wide open..but there is nothing for the birds to steal. Behind it is the biggest most prolific feijoa tree..

 I have been trying to insert a video of it falling over but it won't open.
 So a short post.

Thursday, June 11, 2020

Queen Protea.

All Put Together.

Thank you Molly Lou, Mary, Kiwikid and Deb for your Good Wishes.

 Today I have worked hard vacuuming, mowing, weeding the asparagus patch and the blueberry enclosure.
 Yesterday I sat at my Quilt top till I finished it. Here it is viewed from both ends.

 It is as bright as the top photo shows.

 Tomorrow we are going back to Patchwork and Quilting Group in Tauranga. For those who feel it is safe enough to do so.
 I am sure there will be a lot of Show and Tell. ( ans Talk! )

Monday, June 08, 2020

A Very Floral Day.

Yesterday I was spoilt with wonderful flowers , lunch out, cards , texts, email and gifts.

 ( click to enlarge ) 
 Knowing how I enjoy my garden and flowers and growing things all my family and friends decided flowers would be the ideal gift, for my birthday (75 ) ..and they are but  I was hard pressed to find the ideal  vase and place for them all. I have now and will endeavour to make them all last as long as possible. The cyclamen will probably out do the others for 
lasting but I have my eye on several chrysanthemum cuttings that may grow if I'm smart.
 The apricot and orange flowers are sitting in a small metal bucket inside the kité. 
 In the 3 lots of flowers there are:- lilies; chrysanthemums; sunflower; gerbras; roses; flannel flowers banksias; leucodendrons; carnation;  cymbidium orchids; gloriosa lilies ; dutch iris; an anthurium ; a floral cabbage. and 4 types of foliage.
( so I was doing my bit to support local businesses especially florists. and restaurants ) Very spoilt!

Thursday, June 04, 2020

Rain = Sewing and Blogging

 From my 9 patches I decided on the simplest pattern where the block is cut horizontally through the middle then vertically through the middle. Shown here the 80 blocks that resulted. In each case it was the bright solid middle block that was made smallest.

 Here I have sewn the blocks into rows of 10 vertically then joined two together side by side and then repeated. Here the two lots of 2 rows are pinned together.( that's why the little coloured squares look too small down the middle. ).  That will be half the quilt.  I hope to get back to join that seam today. Or do I go for a walk while there's a break in the rain????      I am also making bread. 

 Below is the view I see from the upstairs bedroom This is the brightest leafed  flowering cherry. Another one obviously not quite the same species is starting to flower....hey,  it's not Spring yet.

 PS . My proper photo Driver's Licence came in the mail!