Wednesday, January 29, 2020

Back to Ordinary Gardening and Reading

 I am thrilled with the first of these flowering. There was a little thrip damage on the bottom flower ( so I pulled it off ) but still lovely. I have 6 of these green Gladioli dotted along a narrow bed against a retaining wall out the side of the house. Also there are other flowers in lemon, yellow, blue, white and orange.
 I was weeding along this garden yesterday and things are really struggling with the dry even tho I have been watering them. I can't remember when we had any meaningful rain.

 Over our long anniversary weekend we did get to go to the Mt. Lioness's Used book sale.
 14 adult paperbacks ,4 kids books and a jigsaw for $27. ( that's not even the price of one new paperback.) Amazing value. There will be another Rotary book sale at Easter so this might last us till then.

Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Trying to Not Get Bogged Down.

Today was my second go this Summer of pulling seedling Mangroves at the bottom of our property.
 Obviously it has to be low tide. Hopefully cloudy ( was yesterday ) so not too hot.
 My tools of trade are these.

 At home remove rings, watch etc so they can't fall into the mud. Even a hat can get wafted away so no hat. Leave phone and drink in shade  on land near workplace.

 This is today's haul laid in the sun on the grass to get mowed up.Some are small trees.
 Others tiny seeds just making root.( several hundreds here ) 
There seem to be far more than last year. I went and redid places I did last year to make sure they stay clear. Only stand where you are not sinking. If there is something to hold onto all the better. Keep moving your feet so you don't sink.Its great where we have put gravel.
 Some neighbours do the same most don't. But out frontage along the water is nicer than theirs.We also spent a lot early on with rocks to retain the edge.

 It will always be an ongoing task but we want the waterway to stay open and clear as when its nice its really nice.

 Sorry up wrong way - this shows my side clear. See my footprints.

 There are plenty of nearby spots with mangroves for young fish to hide.

 I also found this dis-guarded Canadian goose egg in the long grass - something had pecked it long since and it looks mummified.( good riddance! Canadian geese are filthy much poo everywhere on the grass.)
I'm  feeling quite virtuous after my effort (and I didn't get bogged or fall over! ) 
 R did some yesterday too with a push hoe.

Tuesday, January 07, 2020

Everyday Stuff.

As no small people were here to eat them, this lovely pick of strawberries got turned into this.

 The corn harvesting has begun.
 R and I prefer to put the cobs with this much wrapping left on into the microwave for 2 minutes each cob. They can of course be peeled and boiled for a short while( looses some of the goodness into the water )

 The addition of butter and some pepper makes it ready to eat for me!

 The annual jigsaw got finished. On this occasion I did about 75% of it( as it was on the table at my place ) Usually son J does most, but that only happens if they are staying over here.

 It was slightly easier than some 1000 piece ones we have done previously.

 The wind is causing havoc here ( and world wide ) so we are watering and securing and tying down.
 The tomatoes and beans are being picked frequently and courgettes pile up in the fridge.Its hard to get the amount to grow of things just right. Still some can be given away.

Thursday, January 02, 2020

Happenings Here.

During the last week or so the Grandsons and their parents have been here doing various things. Son set  his net out across the stream beyond the estuary. Here he is at low tide ( about 7.30 pm ) going across the mud to get to the stream..
 Early next morning he retrieved the net 
and it's contents.

 The Parore were thrown back and 1 flounder and 2 yellow eyed mullet and 2 small kahawai were kept.
The flounder was pan fried in butter - very fresh and tasty. 

The others were soaked in brine and smoked but proved to be too salty , so J will try again.

4 year old Grandson( seen in the 3 above photo as the fishing helper and messenger )  has picked the butter beans he grew several times. He knows how to plant the seed, care for the plants, pick the beans, top and tail the beans then  Nanny ( me ) cooks them and we all eat them.
 Smaller grandson can build quite high towers ( for a 16 month old ).  R made all the wooden toys seen here

 He is keen to hit balls too. Seen here being shown a suitable grip.
 Then trying it out.
 I hope 2020 means we are all going to see clearly what we should do this year.
 Happy New Year!