Sunday, January 15, 2023

Rain Flowers.


These Zephyranthes  candida  ( commonly known as rain flowers ) tell the story of our weather so far in 2023.
 R keeps a weather book where he records  max and min temps and rainfall.  We had a wonderful sunny week between Christmas and New year. New Years day was fine. Yesterday was fine . Today looks like it might be fine also. In the intervening days we recorded 170.3 mm ( or 6.812 inches ) of rain.
 Some area of NZ had far far more than that with resulting flooding and extreme damage. 
 Not that we can change it ( the amount of rain falling ) but it certainly shows us keen gardeners what plants and crops like lots of water and which do not.
 When we hose the garden we don't soak all the surrounding areas as well and that I think makes the difference. Everywhere is saturated when it constantly rains so the water goes deep and  dries out slower.

 Every type of weed known to man likes rain!  So do blueberries but not so much strawberries which like rain but also sun. Ripe plums don't like all that extra rush of water so they split.   But still we garden and enjoy the crops that do well.

Belatedly I wish you All a Happy New Year be it wet or fine