Thursday, September 16, 2021

Kept Inside by Rain and level 2

       From the window at the top of the stairs I look out and there are no Kaimai Ranges today (or yesterday ). Looking the opposite way sometimes there is an estuary and stream, sometimes not. It is either raining or misty or pouring. Great for the garden but being BOPlenty  doesn't know when to stop. I normally don't go out much but that has reduced to even less.( So sorry for Auckland folk who really are locked in  on Level 4 still.) 

 Lots of sewing is being done. I thought I had finished enough blocks but when I tried the length on a bed decided I needed another row.

 So I am "magicking"  up more usable pictures . The ones I have enjoyed most are the black and white fabrics I have coloured with my pigma pens.
 I am still fiddling around with the final placement. ( considering light and dark, bold and less so )
 I also have to decide if I am going to put a border on.
 The outside  rows had to have plenty of surround fabric so the motifs don't get compromised by a seam or binding. Friends think I should put a plain binding in maybe blue? as it is very busy so I will audition some plain fabrics..
 I have been baking ( bread  - 2 sorts and orange cake and shortbread ) I have been reading but am limiting myself to a couple of chapters per day or I will run out of books again.