Wednesday, May 15, 2024

Car Journey.

 In the last month we have had to make the journey from BOP to Rangitikei Area and back  twice. On the return journey this last Sunday the weather did oblige and we got splendid views of 2 of the mountains that are in the centre of The North Island.

 Mt Ruapeghu is 2797 metres.

 Mt Ngauruhoe through the windscreen.

 Mt Ngauruhoe is 2291 metres.
We didn't see Tongariro.
Lake Taupo was blue with just a ripple. So clear and inviting.

 Again the Lake from Taupo town.
 The first journey was to visit my only sister in hospital.
Sadly the 2nd journey was to be at her funeral.
 She was my only sibling and 3 years older than me.

Thursday, May 02, 2024

Deciduous Trees.

 I've been walking around our subdivision today. It is dull and cloudy but quite good for taking photos of coloured leaves on the mostly Northern hemisphere trees.which already have  begun falling. This maple is on the shared land behind the tennis courts ( which belong to us all ) 

Down the Western walking track that loops around to the estuary  are Black walnut trees. ( good for their  wood and making furniture not for the nuts )
Other neighbours' properties  have pin oaks and liquid ambers and one Nyssus silvaticus and one Gingko biloba.
 With the wind we ALL share the leaves. They blow down driveways and over hedges.and into cutters..

 In our garden is just one New Zealand Native tree that is deciduous a Kowhai.
 Out of 260 New Zealand Native trees only 11 are deciduous.

Wednesday, May 01, 2024

Beautiful late Autumn Days.

 Zygocactus or Schlumbergera or in the Northern hemisphere you call it the Christmas  cactus is coming into to flower out side a ranch slider window. There are a few fungal spots on some leaves  and deep within a spiders web, but it is brightening my day.

 This for you Pam. I know you dislike the colour orange but that is the colour of persimmons. This bowlful on the bench is ripening. They need to be the dark  colour you see at the bottom. They can be eaten when firm like an apple or left longer till they become a bag of clear orange jelly.  Sweet and juicy,
 I prefer them crisp. The original parent trees many years ago produced very astringent fruit but that has been breed out of these new modern varieties. ( Persimmon Fuya )
 Perhaps my favourite fruit.