Thursday, January 27, 2022

Lots of Reading.

 I've just remembered to update my Reading List on my side bar. ( unfortunately Blogger has mixed my list all up ! )  I have been so enjoying getting lost in good books.  Authors I am currently passionate about are  Lucinda Riley; Belinda Alexandra , Fiona McIntosh and Santa Montefiore.

 Mostly we are staying home .  It's the safest place.

We have both been doing lots of gardening and now with a little rain things are are looking washed and less stressed. Water restrictions have come into force so the rain was very timely. We have had lots of plums,  tomatoes ,some beans, loads of courgettes, but  potatoes dug so far are disappointing in yield.

 Yesterday when 6 year old Grandson spent the day here we went collecting cicada skins. We counted them in piles of 5. 
 We also visited the Te Puna Quarry Park where the small ponds have flowering water lilies,

Sunday, January 09, 2022

A small Finish.


 This little felt bird is a copy of a robin my friend Helen made before Christmas.
 I tried to use greens to make a New Zealand Bellbird..

 I sewed in 2 real feathers under the wings. ( they originally came off the peacock at the orchard  - I kept a whole lot )

 the green is iridescent.


 The Billington plums are now ready and there is a plentiful crop. They are red fleshed and tasty.

 A close up of a beautiful gerbra.


 We all went to the jetty with the nets to  scoop out mangrove seeds and throw them up on the grass to get mowed up. We don't want our estuary to disappear and fill in with mangroves. Both grandsons enthusiastically helping R.