Tuesday, May 18, 2021

Quilt Show.

 On Saturday I went to the great New Zealand Quilt Show in Rotorua ( at the Energy Events Centre ).

 My friend Jill drove a carload of us there so that was lovely. There was a lot to see. Mostly a very high standard of work. The ones I enjoyed best were the wall hangings of cities of the world.

 My favourites are these 3.

 The Arc de Triomphe in Paris France  by Jennifer Patterson of New Zealand.
 A close up showing how she used hand stitching and machine quilting to work the details.

 I also liked Marilyn Muirhead's piece of Strasbourg in France  Marilyn is a member of our Tauranga Patchwork and Quilters Group. She also paints and does mixed media works.

 This quirky view of Florence in Italy was by Emily Mathieu from France.

 I had an enjoyable time soaking up the talent and admiring almost all the work on display. I have only one comment that is negative and that was the lighting. Very favourable on some quilts  but really lacking on others. Some exhibitors must have been disappointed.

 My only purchases were 4 fat quarters to use in my current project. The merchants' area was rather crowded. 
 ( click on my images to enlarge them )

Sunday, May 09, 2021

Autumn Colours.


A Liquid Amber with seed pods. (On a neighbour's property.) There were also golden maples and pin oaks with great colour as I walked around our area. Some things are beginning to flower quite early - hellebores and paperwhites.
 Our 2 new persimmon trees have produced well for very young trees. I  removed lots of tiny fruit early on to not over tax the trees. The tree with just 4 have sized up a lot larger than the tree I left 15 on. All have got to a good size. I put bird deterrent netlon bags around some of the fruit and it seems to have worked. ( no bird pecking or wasp damage so far ) Persimmon are probably my favourite fruit. Each tree cost $50 so I am glad they are doing well. I will let most of the fruit get riper before I pick them. I prefer them still at the crunch stage not a bag of jelly.
 Looking up our driveway there is a tree on either side.
 Some lovely flowers I got given ( no perfume with  any of them unfortunately )

 We have had Arbor Barber here trimming back trees one afternoon. More light getting into the clothes line now. It doesn't take long for trees to get large in the BOP.

 I have had 3 lengthy sessions at the dentist lately - all good to go now ( hadn't been for ages ) But still have a sore lip that got damaged when I was numb. ( so didn't know it had happened till later ) 
 We are both wearing new glasses too. Mine quite a different style for a change.
 Today is drizzly - we need some steady rain.