Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Cherries and Elm.

The flowering cherry trees on our driveway are looking splendid.

 Prunus yedoensis"Awanui."

Photos taken very late afternoon.

 Also looking amazing is the Golden Elm tree.

Ulmus Glabra lutescens.

A very interesting flower. 
( maybe the lime bits are bracts not petals ) 
 I used magnification to look right into it's centre. The little maroon tip on each petal is hairy and has nectar.
 I picked some and am watching it on the kitchen window sill.

I love the colour!
 The property is humming with busy bees delighted with the variety of flowers available.

Friday, September 25, 2015

Other projects.

Today I am at home when normally on the 4th Friday of the month I would be at my Patchwork Group. I have a cold and don't wish to pass it on to my quilting friends, although that is where I got in in the first place last weekend.( a kind friend? shared it with me! )
 So instead I am working on some of my alternative projects. Above is the first photo of felt embroidered ball # 26.
 So far only 2 motifs have been added.
 I have been making these balls as gifts for babies ( mainly ). They have sort of become my speciality. This one is being made for a very special little person who will be arriving soon.
 I was looking back to when I first started making them...last century! haha. My eye sight was much better then and my stitches smaller. I still enjoy the process, the hardest thing being deciding on the motifs to make it personal - no 2 balls are ever exactly the same although some motifs are repeated( my favourites ) Some motifs have been made only once and not repeated if too difficult or not so successful.
 As you can see from the photo there are 10 more motifs  needed on this ball. ( as the ball is made up of 12 pentagons ) I will show photos as it progresses.

 I also decided to use up my knitting wool scraps. All 4ply  in garter stitch on size 7 needles in the hope of making it quite loose and light and airy.
 It is 3 feet wide and no more stitches would fit on the needles. So far it feels light and snugly; that was my aim. I think it will end up a cot size blanket for the same little person.

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Still More Quilts.

Jenni who was the Convenor of our Exhibition made this lovely Activity quilt ( or mat )
 It has many  detachable parts.
 Here the arms move so the doll may be taken out.
 The rabbits may be taken out of the pram.
 The dresses come off and they have pretty under garments.
 Lots of the flowers and other shapes were attached with Velcro and pull off.
 I guess if any parts got lost new ones could be made.

 I think for an older child zips and laces and things to tie could be added.

Beth's Peacock on black had  lovely colours.

 The appliqué she added made the quilt.
Jocelyn's French General fabrics were well used. ( there are lots of paper pieced points in there. )
 Some quilts had to be hung along the railing.

 The display of baby quilts. Can you see my little owl quilt? I bet you can't because unless you looked right in the cot it wasn't visible.
 It got folded in half and wrapped around the mattress. I was not pleased about that. The quilt on the pram didn't get noticed either.

 The tones in Sandra's quilt were subtle but interesting.

 On the Sales Tables there was little rhyme or reason as to what sold.
 Only one clown toy sold. They were cheaply priced too, so C and J had to take them home again.
 Things had to be a almost give away price to get bought. While I was working there I sold 2 matching car quilts for $50 each and the next day a quilt for $75. The fabrics involved couldn't be replaced for that. The owners said they would give them to charity if they didn't sell. In each case the quilts were bought by quilters from elsewhere who recognised the good value.

 Thanks for stopping by and thanks for the Comments- I am glad you enjoyed a few of the quilts from our Show.

Monday, September 21, 2015

Even More Quilts.

In the Challenge section, work had to be this size and shape and  use a colour handed out from a paint chart and it's name. My favourite was Karen's which got third place. Her colour a pale off white. She called this 3 Wishes. It was so delicate.
 I also liked Tina's which got Highly Commended
 I also liked  Toni's Camelot.
 These small wall hangings were all made in a class with Melanie.
 These Pohutukawa flowers  were made in a Reverse  stained glass, class also with Melanie.

Helen's quilt was clean and crisp. I love it.
Jocelyn's  Tribute to Morris was beautiful.

 I especially like this shape in it.

Lynda's Farmer's Wife Quilt got lots of attention.( there is so much work in it )
 Some detail of it.
 Some lovely blue shades in Jenni's quilt.
 Some friends being kind about my Fabricated Flowers Quilt.

 Still more quilts to show next time.
 Also you might like to look at the Exhibition from Donna-Maree's  point of view.  Stitching On My Patch. Here

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Quilts and More Quilts.

Here are some of the quilts from our ( Tauranga Patchwork & Quilters' Group, Exhibition.)

 This farmyard quilt by Betty Brewerton was fun. The children in it are from photos onto photo fabric to personalise it for the young owner.
 I love the colours and light from the top right corner on Elizabeth's lovely quilt. I also love the simplicity and straight line quilting.

 Valerie's wall hanging was striking.
 My friend Dorothy's wall hanging was very cleverly constructed.
 Robin and Sandra's hanging were beautiful. I think the labels should be beside, above or below not on top of the work it really distracts.
 The subdued colours in Karen quilt were wonderful.
 Christine's quilt was huge. Large King size. There were about 6 really enormous quilts.
 Lots of viewers. 
 Final day today Sunday. More photos to follow -  there were well over 100 quilts so just a selection.
 I'm selling raffles again today. We have had numerous favourable reports from the public. 

Friday, September 18, 2015

Starting Today.

 This is the Raffle quilt at Our Exhibition which starts today.
 ( see back 2 posts for details ). 
 There is a Christmas Sales table.
 An ANZAC display.
 A very, very old Quilt. ( from 1700s !!! )

 And lots of Quilts. Many more photos to show you over the next few days. I am off now to work on the sales table.