Monday, August 24, 2020

Using up left over Wool.


After sorting through my bin of left over wool I was surprised to find I had quite a lot of Double knitting ( 8 ply. ) Mostly these days I knit 4 ply for little people's hats and jerseys  so something on bigger needles would be a change. A blanket seemed the most likely item to incorporate lots of colours. I had more dark / dull colours than softs or stripes it is. Not wanting to repeat a pattern I had done before but also not wanting anything complicated ( I can do complicated ) as  I knit at night while watching TV., I looked around.  I of course googled it first then visited Ravelry website where I found this free pattern.  Some of the wool is quite old. Gosh what a difference there is in the feel between the different brands and ages,
 Needing more brights and softs I have ordered wool on line from Skeinz a NZ company in Hawke's Bay. It has not yet arrived. I hope it comes soon as I need the yellows and orange and reds I ordered.

 Janice we saw the snow near you on our TV last night! Brrrrrr.

 I picked one of my Iceland poppies to copy it's face for my sewing project. The detail fascinates me. I have always liked their fragile form and hairy buds.

Wednesday, August 19, 2020

Staying Inside Weather.


I finished a second slightly larger hat and they are now both in a postie bag ready for the mail box but it's such a wet day they can wait till one of us needs to go out.
 I have now started a bigger project;  a small blanket ; using left over wool from other projects ( over many years ). Its in DK so that's a change for me.
 I have also started a hand sewing project -  (nothing worth showing yet.)
The garden is getting a big drink today. This vireya rhododendron  photo was taken last week and it now has 3 other heads of flower out. It has a wonderful perfume. Not all vireyas do have - often it is the white or pale colours that do have the lovely almost heady smell. ( similar to the deciduous azaleas )
 Staying in. Keeping warm .
 I hope you are all safe and well! 

Sunday, August 16, 2020

Blowing in the Breeze.


 I nearly forgot to show the finished photos of my "Lockdown, " ( community/ charity ) quilt.

 The back with a small label. ( almost gives a stained glass effect in the bright sunlight. It has a good quality cotton batting for easy laundering.

The first pickable freesias smell so lovely in a vase along with the last of the roses. I pruned the roses  so kept any buds for the vase. I only have 6 rose bushes now - one very new one which took 10 snips with the secateurs to prune it.
I also knitted a tiny hat for a young friend expecting a babe very soon. I have a 2nd one on my needles.
 The sun is still shining in alert level 2.
 I have broad beans set! Finally !

( Blogger is doing strange things with my photos. )

Tuesday, August 11, 2020

3 Flowering Cherries looking Wonderful.


 Today is rainy so I hope the beautiful blossoms don't get trashed.

 Some delicate pansy faces look bright beside the vege garden in an old  container

Late in the afternoon yesterday there were long shadows on the lawn when I finished tidying the edges around this circular bed. It is around a cherry but not one flowering. It blooms a bit later,
 The netting covers are to stop rabbits digging small plants out.

  The ferret count is now  5 !

Tuesday, August 04, 2020

After very mixed weather today is one to be enjoyed. Here one of 3 flowering cherries coming into bloom looks really lovely. The Tuis and Wax eyes thinks so too and are busy getting nectar.

 I have finished completely my lock down quilt but haven't taken any photos get ( maybe later today ).

 4 ferrets have been caught in the same trap!

Some  of my new hellebore.