Friday, February 19, 2021

Doing a Couple of New Things.

 Before I start on about the new projects I want to say when I finished my last post the rain was really starting to come down... It rained for a couple of days and nights. We got 145 mls  or 5.5 ".      😀       '


 As we have been picking ( up ) quite a lot of passionfruit ( which 5 year old grandson loves )I decided to use some in Curd. I make lemon curd ( or Honey ) frequently but had not tried a recipe for passionfruit curd. It is of course yummy! ( 5 little jars and a jam dish full..)

 My second new thing to try is a quilt! Yes you read that right. A quilt! You have made lots of those before I hear you say. True. But not this one. I don't have  a pattern but know what I am trying to achieve. SO I am writing my own instructions ( to me for future reference ) . You may be able to help here. If anyone knows what website has a photo or pattern for the quilt made of tiny daily blocks ( thru lockdown )  for a whole year. 365 blocks.( I have seen a finished one and liked it.) 

 I did the maths then just to be sure made some sample sizes to make sure I was correct. The tiniest block will be 2.5" square. The other are all joined or cut multiples of that. Mainly white or slightly patterned white or pale, pale pastel shades.
 The blocks will be many  methods of  creating motifs.
 Broderie purse, applique, pigment pen drawings . Maybe others.
 I have started selecting small motifs from fabrics I already have and and backed them with  ironed on .
 It will not be a quick project but that's okay.
 Next Monday R has a medical appointment in Tauranga so I am planning on going too and walking to the fabric shop to get some more pale pastel fat quarters and to the shop that has fabric ( I think they are called pigma  ? ) pens.