Wednesday, August 31, 2022

August has been quite a Trying Month.


 At the end of the first week we attended a small family party for younger Grandson. That was lovely. What followed a few days later was not. I got Covid which I generously shared with R a couple of days later and unfortunately one of my dear sewing group friends.
 If you haven't had it try not to catch it. We didn't like it at all. We had the very sore throat variety with copious snot and coughing. The lethargy  has lingered now for me. I'm almost back to normal, but still  get very tired. R is still coughing. I got quite indignant when twice while I was unwell I got a text encouraging me to get another booster shot !

 During this horrid time I used a bunch of these on the kitchen bench to see if I still had my sense of smell. I did but maybe a bit blunted. They are the Burtonii variety freesias. I made sure some came here from the orchard garden and they are thriving now. All the spring bulbs seem to have loved all the wet we had. The first 3 flowering cherries were magnificent and it was a joy to look out the window and watch the tui and wax eyes getting nectar.

 Also flowering well and attracting Monarch butterflies at this time of the year. Pieris ( not sure which variety maybe Temple bells. )
 Looking forward to September and Spring.