Saturday, December 25, 2021

              Merry Christmas to All.

Saturday, December 04, 2021

Lots of Gardening.

 Plants are responding to the care and attention I have been giving them lately. Frequent dead heading with the roses, carnations pansies sweet peas and gazanias.. 

 My 2  Abraham Darby  roses are gradually gaining vigour but its taken 2 summers. The weight of the blooms when it rains  means they are better if I pick a lot. as the stems are not strong.  Very lovely perfume.
 The first of my coloured callas to flower,

and the first dahlia.
 Grandson gave me a packet of bee flower plant seeds some time ago and I put them under the grapevine. Most of the flowers are blue or mauve or white but there's a few red, purple, pink and lemon.

 Not all have flowered yet.
 This lily looks promising. It was spectacular last summer.
 I have been picking some tomatoes from my potted one and the garden ones are forming. Courgettes are best small and we are loving the first half dozen so far. Have put in plant # 2. The strawberries are responding to water and producing lots of large tasty fruit. More than I can eat so some jam got made.
2 young boys also help with eating them. Something is stealing the few blueberries as they ripen. I can't figure out how. Yesterday I baked and baked . Froze some of it.
 If you have a garden you have a job for life seems to be true.

 The quilting progress is slow.
 I have made some more alphabet blocks and am currently hand making a felt bird ( A  female bellbird )
 Stay safe everyone.