Friday, April 16, 2021

Please stay Outside.


 This fellow ( I think a Nursery web spider ) had to be taken outside. He was a fast mover and quite large.

 This praying mantis came in on sheets from the washing line. He walked all over me, looking around.
 I took him out to the herb garden  to release.

Monday, April 05, 2021



                                             Strange clouds at sunset.

 Strange little capsicum folk inside the big capsicum when cut.

                             The strange fascination between small boys and sticks and water.

Not so strange 
that I found I can still make a reasonable Pavlova and adult guests loved it.
 I had stopped making them because of the sugar content.

Not so strange that 6 senior women can go out to lunch together and have a wonderful happy time. The food doesn't have to be fancy ( just have someone else prepare it ), but the coffee needs to be hot and aromatic and we can talk or sew for ages . We put the world to right but it doesn't make it so.
 We also meet to sew together at each other's homes . ( more talk ) 
 I have sewn together some of the smallest squares to stop them fraying.
 This is not the final arrangement just a progress look. Lots, lots more still to make. Most of theses are being blanket stitched by hand . A few raw edged on the machine sat flat but ones I zigzagged should have had a backing reinforcement layer to keep them absolutely flat ( and I didn't want to have to do that ). Lots more are in the pipeline. This piece already has a name. 
"These are a Few of My Favourite Things."