Wednesday, November 23, 2022

Mystery Car Trip and Sewing.

 Last Friday some of the members of our Patchwork and Quilting Club went on a mystery Car trip. It meant an early start but I was lucky that a neighbour also belongs and she took 3 of us from out this side of town in her car. The weather forecast that day was appalling but we mostly dodged the downpours till 2 pm. We went over the hill ( Kaimai Range ) to  the Waikato area. We visited 3 fabric and Quilting supply shops. My favourite one was  Bower Bird. in Tamahere .I had not been there before and didn't know about it. I purchased 3 little pieces of wool felt in unusual colours and 2 threads.

 We went to the Hamilton Gardens for lunch. I spotted these big saucers of marigolds on the way in.

 We left to come home  at 3pm in very heavy rain. There had been a serious accident on the main road and we had to detour around Whitehall.( later there was a 2nd mishap on that road). Progress was snail pace and it took us so long. I walked in the door at home at 6.15 pm ( so 3hrs 15 mins sitting in the car! ) Luckily with 4 ladies in the car we talked a lot.


 Today the weather is bad again. Rain and wind so I have been working on my continuous Landscape background. We were given a piece of A2  paper as the only pattern, with marks where the horizons have to meet with other peoples. Sky/ water/ land. so they have a chance of matching up side by side. 

 I have quite a lot of work to do on the middle and foreground, but its coming together okay.