Tuesday, June 22, 2021

My Little Changes.

 My little changes won't save the planet but my actions are the only ones I can change.

 Where I go, how I go, what I buy, what I throw out, what I reuse, what I do without, what I make myself  will make a difference. too small to measure in the greater scheme of things. I am prepared to try. So will others be, but not everyone. 

I wear makeup. I have done since I was a teenager. I believe it has protected my skin and I am naturally pale so it helps me feel better about facing the world or even looking in the mirror.

 I am now taking even more interest than before about containers and packaging. In the photo are 2 identical products to protect lips from the wind and sun. The round  tiny tub I can clean and reuse as a container for tiny sewing items - beads, buttons etc. so the push out type ( with 3 small plastic bits ) will no longer be my choice. Both have too much packaging.
 The foundation comes in a glass bottle so is okay but it has a plastic lid.
The choice of eyebrow pencil is clear the one that can be sharpened and has no plastic.
 Also with the lipstick. The lip crayon it is called ( is  3x fatter than lip liner )  is all useable and just needs sharpening when it gets blunt.. ( I also compare the amount in these containers the difference was huge.)

Some skin products I like come all in plastic tubes...how am I going to change that....look for some in glass? ....not use them....make my own?
 Soap. I like Dove  sensitive ( not strictly soap ) for my shower. I buy it singly as the 4 together have an extra plastic wrapper. ( so more expensive for me  ) Shampoo seems to be all in plastic containers 
( possibly for safety ).
 Do any of you have any good suggestions for me?
 Next time I will look in the kitchen cupboards.

Friday, June 18, 2021

That's Rubbish.

 For the last 53 Years that we have been a household we have never had rubbish collection at our gate. Starting in July we are being forced into it. Why Forced? We have to pay  the W B Council for the service whether we use it or not. The bins have been delivered. The Transfer station in the city is being closed down so we will no longer be able to do our own recycling.

 Here are 3 new bins in our garage. The wooden lidded bins at the right used to extend right along the wall and had our own containers inside it. R built it when we moved here nearly 3 years ago. Now he has had to pull most of it out to make a space for the new Council bins. On a given day the bins have to be taken up our drive and along to the corner of the street for emptying.( Far more work ) The landfill bin has to have tags attached b4 it will be emptied. They cost $3.95 each.
 We are very used to sorting and cleaning our items and we have always had compost bins and I have a worm farm. All our garden rubbish get put under our big avocado trees. ( only town dwellers were given food scrap bins ) 
 It best to look at it as a new challenge! A challenge to see how little we can put in the bins.
 Next post I will talk about ways to reduce our use of plastic and other undesirables. and what I think manufacturers and food producers need to do to help with Zero waste!