Monday, October 18, 2021

Glorious Colours.

          There's lots of colour in the garden now.

 This is a raised bed behind a retaining wall. To the right wide steps lead up to the clothes line.
 It gets very hot so great for the lavender but the rhodo struggles . The rhodos also gets thrip damage on some leaves  giving them a white appearance. It's called Unique and stays a small rounded bush. ( lightly perfumed ) 

There are about 8 of this same rhododendron in the garden and the shaded ones do best.

Different light make this same lavender appear different colours. But whatever colour the bees still find it. ( see one in the middle below ) 
 By a narrow margin carnations are my favourite flowers. I am so pleased I have some established and flowering and pickable. This red is actually an even darker shade than it looks here. The clove like perfume is strong.

 This photo below was taken a few weeks ago and this display now finished but great while it lasted. Because I didn't plant it I am unsure which exact Pieris it is ( Temple bells maybe ? )
Would you believe my quilt is still continuing to get larger.
 I was given some more fabric by a friend and also had a trip to Spotlight.
 it has also been rearranged again!