Sunday, February 26, 2017

A Very Talented Artist.

At Tauranga Patchwork and Quilter's Group on Friday one of our newer members Lois Parish-Evans showed and told us of her," ART QUILT JOURNEY."

 We have these talks from time to time; it is like a one person Show and Tell.
 We do not have a very suitable display space and had 49 ladies crammed into our room so my photos are not wonderful.
 If you have the time go to Lois's Website and look at the photos there. Look under Portfolio - Art Quilts to see her 2010 commission of 4 very large wall hangings she made for the Newcastle Calvary Mater Hospital Chapel. ( Australia ) You can also access Lois's Blog from the site.
 Here M is helping her show us the cloak that went over the Wedding dress she entered in the Wedding section of the World of Wearable Arts.(WOW )
 This Kangaroo paw inspired piece has just returned home to her after travelling the world.( see her blog ) 
 On a wall hanging of Australian flowers this orchid is a thread painting.
 This sea wall hanging has raw edge quilted applique; painting; coloured pencil work and thread painting. 
 Personally I was very impressed with her art work- the sketches and designs that happened before any fabric came into play.
Please go to her website and read her story and see her lifetime of creative work.
  As a group we are very lucky to have such a talented person in our midst. Australia has not lost her completely she has an exhibition happening there later this year - see her site.
 Thanks Lois!

 Yesterday we ate the first corncobs for the season. Delicious. As Grandson was not here to help me I had to pick and eat the few ripe strawberries. They are just finishing for the Summer . Tomatoes ( large and small ) , courgettes, beans and  aubergine  are all producing well.The corn and capsicum are just starting. My chillies are beginning to turn from green to red.
 All the glorious rain gave growing things a boost .

Sunday, February 19, 2017

Plenty of Much Needed Rain.

 When the bird bath in the garden fills and overflows with rain it saves us a job.
 Over the last 3 days and nights we have had 5.5" of much needed rain. Now as the sun is back out it is a bit sauna like as it evaporates off again.

 Son and DIL and Grandson have been to visit for 2 nights. His Dad pulled him around the garden on the old red trolley and they see all sorts.
 Luckily son pulled his phone out for this next shot when a Monarch butterfly landed on the bent over by the rain, head of the tiger lily.
 Grandson takes a keen interest in birds, butterflies and bees. Bee now being one of his first words.along with ball so "B" must be an easy sound to make. 

 The only sewing I have done in the last few days was adding a lower case "e" to my quilted letter collection.

 I happen to think ( as a ex teacher ) that a little person should learn to recognise his name ( when a bit older ) and write his name using a capital at the beginning and lower case letters for the rest.  I will continue to make more indestructible 6" fabric letter for play at a later stage.
 I have quite a bag full already which spell Happy Christmas and several other words.

Now I'm off for a walk in the sunshine.

Wednesday, February 01, 2017

Summer is Here.

Finally hotter days have arrived. Over our long weekend I spent hours tending young plants in the garden keeping the water up to them and delighting in the growth.
This is the first of 4 little tomato plants  I grew from the New World give away last year. I first showed photos of "my little garden , "pots back on a blog on September 14th.
 Usually we grow our tomatoes from bought plants - and R has done that again this year in the fenced garden but has encountered rot problems. These wee plants of mine ( now 5' tall )  are in the vege garden beside the house and are looking bonny. This is the first truss ( of many ) to start to ripen. I do hope they taste good. - I'll let you know. Many of the other little plants/ pots are long since consumed . Every single one performed - that is amazing.

 In other parts of the flower garden there are some bright spots. Look at the face of this dahlia called Arabian Nights - it's close to black and velvety.
 A group of yellow gerbras are feeling the heat.and the hosta which prefers shade has sunburn but it still grows happily.
 On Monday which was a holiday here ,I was determined to have some time out so I spent all afternoon sitting outside in the shade of the gazebo and the mighty oak tree. 
A cooling breeze wafted through from time to time. I wasn't just sitting there sewing hexagons I was watering the garden at the same time. I devised a timing  system. Each time I got to a mitred corner I hopped up and moved the hose along. 4 hexagons with 6 corners each meant I covered quite a bit of ground literally! 

 On Saturday evening I went to the 80th Birthday dinner of one of my older quilting Buddies. Her family ( from Whangerei ) had got this cake made and iced with a quilting theme. A bit bright but quite clever. Very nice chocolate mud cake inside.

 While on food . Chooky Blue here is the recipe  as I 1st received it.
( I couldn't make your email work ) 

 You should be able to Rt. click on it and send it to your device. Use it as a starting point. I did it frying the spice and curry at the beginning which is how I normally would do it. and didn't bother with the milk.
 Now a bit of a rave.
 I had to get myself a new indoor watering can as I gave my old blue plastic one to grandson because he loved it so..
 I couldn't get one the same as they had sold out ( but I will when they get some more ) as this one IS NOT FIT FOR PURPOSE!
It is called A gardener's Delight ( not this gardener ). made for Bell and Curfew in UK but manufactured in China.
 Care instructions say keep out of sunlight - done that. Empty when not in use - well I tried but the stupid design means the lip of the long spout  which sticks out inside the can prevents the last of the water from being able to get out of the can. Even when it is tipped upside down and shaken it is quite difficult. It is supposed to be kept dry inside to prevent rusting! 
 Already after 1 month 's use the green powder coating is cracking.
 What a BAD design. NOT fit for purpose in my opinion. I would warn anyone else against purchasing one. I shall also be passing on my concern to the local Palmers where I bought it. It wasn't cheap!