Wednesday, July 22, 2020

Lots of Wet Days.

Lots of wet days have meant I am spending more time inside. ( Not as wet as you have had Raewyn and ladies up North ).
  I have begun quilting my community quilt. Straight diagonals to start with. As one of my aims when I started making this was to use up fabric and supplies I had in my stash I had to make do with this on the backing.
 The mid green fabric was long enough but not wide enough so I split it down the middle and added in 12.5" squares of colour similar to those on the quilt top.
 It's a while since I quilted anything of size on my Bernina but am managing okay. My shoulders told me when to stop at 10 to 5 yesterday. Green  thread is the next thing I an going to run out of so I am using up bobbins already wound . ( In pale colours ) Finding enough fabric that works for the binding might also be a challenge.

 Good weather for duck and also visits from the local Royal Spoonbill population. 2 here by our jetty. We have seen 15 further out.( still hoping for a really clear close up photo  - I am getting closer as they seem tamer )  Walking along the estuary front at the moment is best  done in  gumboots , but where we added more drainage across our part has worked.

 I am watching this new flower shoot on my pot plant emerge. There are 2 new shoots coming on.
 I have been reading more than sometimes. My sister who briefly visited about 3 weekends ago( lives 5 + hours away ) lent me 4 good books. I have finished them all.3 were really engrossing. I will up date the reading list on my right side bar shortly.

Sunday, July 05, 2020

Got You.

This Ferret had been seen next door so other neighbour, the keenest trapper, set a trap a week ago and finally this got caught overnight on our bottom garden down near the estuary. They are vicious killers and eat birds eggs. It is no more. It's a pity they are such a pest and bad predator as it has amazing fur.( and deadly teeth and claws )

 A storm is forecast so I picked the first proper daffodil that was out - called Tahiti, and some of the jonquils and paper whites.
 The kitchen now smells very much of jonquils.
 Yesterday I planted this new camellia called Itty bit. I had it at the orchard and know its a good one that flowers for many months and is pickable with its quite tiny flowers.

 Also I planted a new rose. Using the hustler to pull,  R took out 8 more box hedge plants to make a wide bed space with less root competition and more area beside the house  for me to put in  a very healthy looking Abraham Darby plant. 
( looking forward to the great perfume )

 Sewing since I finished the coasters has been making some more letters for my alphabet. 37 so far.
They are mini quilts really, measuring 6"
These are the components for a letter C.
 A front fabric, an backing fabric, a square of batting, a length of binding and a letter shape cut out of fabric with firm iron on. Using this type of bonding the letter needs to be reversed. It is then ironed on,  machine stitched,  bound and hand quilted.
 In order to make more sentences and family names I am making more  upper case and also lower case letters.
 When not forming a hung up banner, grandson  4 3/4 likes to make words he knows how to spell especially names. I need a few more letters for our long surname.