Sunday, July 30, 2006

Narcissus and Notebooks.

Signs of Spring are everywhere in the garden. Although I knew I would shorten their lives in the warmth of the house, I picked some Early Cheer and Paper Whites( Narcissus ) anyway. They look and smell marvelous on the coffee table in the lounge. ( I made that table runner in the photo. It is hand pieced and hand quilted. It was made from fabrics left over from my very first quilt a couple of years ago.) Unfortunately one of the blue fabrics has faded.
The other photos are of notebook covers( in various stages of completion) I am making for the sales table.They are easy to do and are turning out well. They are reversible and can have the notebook changed, when one gets full. I am just putting a small amount of quilting on them to hold the batting in place. Lovely fabric is the key I think.
More progress with the hand quilting on The Apple Quilt, while I watch TV, tonight.


KC Quilter said...

Oooh, your notebook covers are wonderful. I like your tablerunner, too.

Judy said...

All very beautifukl indeed!

I love paperwhites so delicate!

Fiona said...

I like the notebooks - especially in the rich colours you have chosen. It seems strange to me for narcissus to be out in July / August when they are a March/April flower here.

Shelina said...

The notebook covers are beautiful. You're right beautiful fabric is important. Your workmanship is great too. Your tablerunner looks great with that blue vase and the beautiful flowers.

Shelina said...

I don't know if you still need ideas, but I just thought of some. Pencil holders would be great to go with your notebook covers. Just cover up some tubelike container with the fabric. How about fabric bowls and boxes? Hair ties were really popular at one place I visited, as well as little hats for kids. Or how about a table set - placemats, potholders, etc.
An alphabet book.