Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Thankyou Sheila.

aubirdwoman has kindly suggested that I might be entitled to display this little poster on my blog. Thank you, very much.
Since I recently read an article about how bloggers leave themselves wide open for identity theft and others unmentionables I am being quite careful what information I display here. My profile gives away lots of information and it wouldn't be too difficult to work out my full and real name, so, along with an email contact I have probably gone too far already.
Any info I give about orchard work is general to all orchardists in my area. Any patchwork and quilting info I give I do so happily that it may be used or copied. My photos, the part I probably enjoy most are there for all to enjoy and I don't mind if the occasional one is up lifted.
I have never discussed my family or historical background in any detail and try not to use full names of friends. I can't really imagine anyone wanting my information, but ............ I do know that someone else here reads what I write from time to time( because I get any spelling mistakes pointed out ! ) so, this blog is not a real diary in the true sense of the merely covers a few topics.
I am meant to elect 7 other bloggers worthy of this award. Many of my favourites have already had it so I am going to do this. If your blog is listed on my side bar ( I already consider you worthy of mention ) and you haven't been awarded a Nice Matters Award please consider your self duly awarded!


Ali Honey said...

Sorry Sheila I seem to have done something wrong with my link to your site. Hope people use the link on the side bar instead.

Do you want to help me learn how to now put that award in my side bar......the help section confuses me on this.I have copied out the jpeg's long URL which section of my template do I add it to?

meggie said...

I worry a bit about TMI. I have been quite open & though in the beginning I didnt post any personal info or photos, I have increasingly done so. Suppose it is wrong. Foolishly, perhaps, I tend to believe the best in people.
Congratulations on your award, you deserve it.

meggie said...

I clicked & dragged my pic onto my site but they are all different. My old one wouldn't have been able to do that.

Birdydownunder said...

have sent you an email re the link. Not technically correct, but I did get it onto my blog, but thought I would comment here too. I guess if someone is really out to get us they will do it anyway. I just go along as normal and try to be as careful as possible. I think even with nicknames used, someone with enough time on their hands could track me down. But then why worry.

Ali Honey said...

Thankyou Meggie and Sheila, I tried both, but you guessed it - neither way worked for me. So Sorry to have wasted your hour Sheila - I realise how quickly that can happen. While looking through Help on Blogger I did find a part explaining some bsic HTML stuff which is a start for me - I really want to learn. I will keep trying things, meanwhile nothing in my side bar...sigh.... ( I do know good eyesight and no careless mistakes helps )

Lynda (Granny K) said...

Hi Ali, Thanks for the award! It's a sad fact of life that there are bad people out there. It pays to think twice about what you post, i'm afraid. Not everyone is nice - (but I am!:o)
You could always change your profile info so it doesn't give your name and where you live, etc.

Suzi-k said...

wow that's scary, I am WAY too free and easy about info on my blog.... never realised there was such a thing as identity theft, and like meggie I tend to think the best of people. Oh well, too late now, it's all there!