Saturday, November 10, 2007

A Rose by NO Other Name!

Things are looking rosy in the garden.
Rise above your worries , take your camera and walk in your garden - smell the roses , admire the roses even tell them of their beauty!
( Thanks for that advice suzi-k I decided on these 6 photos that were best on this day. Many, many other beauties live here with me but I can't include them all on this post.
That's Meg at the top ( did you know Meggie you had a lovely rose with the same name?) I love this rose for it stamens and it's pretty face!
Then there is Anais Segales, (smells almost like old smoker lollies ) then Complicata ( not complicated at all ) and Crepuscule that climbs over a trellis; Apple Blossom Flower Carpet is hardy and easy; Sally Holmes reaches for the sky and has single beautifully pale flowers; and the clean white of the White Flower Carpet rose is fresh when they first bloom.
Over the years I have reduced the number of different roses I grow. Any needing spray ( which I don't do ) or with disease problems have gone leaving the hardy, easy well behaved beauties. I have all their names recorded in my garden record book, even those deceased so I never forget their names. I must count up how many I still grow.
The ladies in my class yesterday had a great time - lots of laughing is always a good sign. I'll tell you about that in another post.
Can you smell the roses? I'm going to pick some so my house smells of them too!


Tracey Petersen said...

Crepuscule is definitely my favourite amongst them. What a beautiful colour!

KC Quilter said...

Oh what absolutely gorgeous flowers! I really appreciated your photos this morning as I am looking out at my brown dried-up yard!!!

Unknown said...

Oh yes I can smell them, thanks for sharing, they are very welcomed here where everything is gray and dull now.

meggie said...

Thankyou for the Roses!! So beautiful, & no, I didn't know there was a rose called Meg. I love it, & love the colour also.
I had a lovely little yellow miniature rose I have had for many years here, & sadly, it has died this year, & I have no idea why.

Françoise said...

Here it's almost winter...

Helen said...

Lovely roses, hope the real estate agents do their thing!

loulee said...

Your rose photos reminded me of my MILs garden at christmas. I can almost smell the roses.
Christmas in Timaru was very different to Christmas here in GB.
Thankyou for awakening a wonderful memory.

Sarah Nopp said...

You take such lovely care of yoru roses. I am thinking I need to add a few more varieties to my garden now.

Luísa Silva said...

So beautiful! Rose is one of my prefered flowers.