Saturday, January 19, 2008

Just too Hot!

Firstly Thanks for your comments everyone. Georganna, I'm so glad you commented to tell me of your New Zealand holiday( see comments ) and that the suggestions you found here were of use. Yes, we are lucky NZ is such a beautiful place....but Hot! So hot, ( 32.5 C in the shade some days ) that all week working outside with the Kiwifruit has been exhausting. We now really, really need rain.
On Thursday afternoon we stayed inside for our Annual Globalgap Audit, which we passed, so can have our Kiwifruit exported for another year - of course that meant jumping through an ever increasing number of hoops. Several new signs had to be purchased and erected; a policy had to be written of a risk assessment for our water supply - we've been drinking it here for almost 30 years now, but what the hell we just add it to our other policies -( too many to list! )and they tell us it is about to get worse - has the world gone completely made? Do adults really need a sign in our outside toilet telling them to wash their hands before picking fruit? ( personal visitors think it is amusing )Grubby people still pee on the floor and anywhere they dam well like, I'll make a sign for that too! ( sorry I've raved on about this before - probably last year.)
Something different. I noticed this succulent flowering in the carporch and it has never done so before. I think it is a Stepelia but am not completely sure.( it is most unusual.) To get the photo of it's inside colour and detail it had to be tipped right up so the light would penetrate.( it's like a bell )
No sewing what so ever this week , I might sneak some in later. Have not kept up to date with all your blogs, so must do that too.


meggie said...

Wow Ali, that plant is amazing!
What a busy time of year for you.

My brother says it is very hot in Auckland, & I have an Aunt in Whakamaru, who told me the winds were wild there today! And so dry!
Here we are having rain upon rain. We are not complaining about the rain, but OMG the humidity is unbearable today. Even the dogs cant be bothered moving!

We used to have loopy laws in the Hotel too, & everytime they did an inspection, there would be some niggly detail to be attended to!

Unknown said...

Yes this is hot. I love that flower. You really have a busy time with the kiwi now.

Cher said...

sometimes life is just too busy no matter how you long to sneak some sewing time in! hope you do find some time though for a break...that heat has to be grueling after a while.

Digitalgran said...

It must be exhausting working in that heat!
That flower is fantastic.

molly said...

Beautiful flower! You must be having "Florida-in-August" weather!

Yolanda said...

I love this flower photo. IS it very hot there?