Saturday, December 05, 2009

The Tree and the Bees.

It's been wet.( In November we only had 22.75mm of rain. ( very dry )) Already in December we have had 80.75mm ( 3  1/4 inches ) of much needed rain.  Yesterday it was cold as well as wet so we decided to light the fire to warm the damp feeling in the house. That was when the BEES ( you remember the ones who wanted to live with us ) got their revenge ( for us killing some of them )Actually killing a lot more of them than we knew at the time.......... The fire would only smoke - the chimney was blocked with these!....
How awful we feel that they all died - they are now fertilizing the vege garden. All their other relations who have been working so hard at pollinating our fruit are still here as it has been too wet for the bee truck to come and take them home. They have been hiding in the hives during all the rain, but are out back looking for flowers again today which so far is fine. No kiwfruit flowers left now they are all little fruit but there is lots else out for them to find including Feijoas Pam!

Now the tree. I wasn't happy with my fabric tree so have redecorated it and it now looks like this.

It needed a little green and yellow.

While the rain has spoilt some flowering things ( like my sweetpeas ) there is brightness still on my wonderful Kalmia bush.

There are some  happy yellow Gerbra faces in a pot near the back door.

With all the wet we are way behind with the Kiwifruit work BUT I have done shopping ,made Christmas cakes and am working on some presents so actually I don't mind...but the work still awaits. In an hour or so I am off to lend a hand manning the Waipuna Hospice Christmas tree  at a supermarket in Tauranga, for a couple of hours.Will try and take a photo and explain tomorrow.( girls from our P & Q group help each year, and it has to be manned every day in December - we just do today. )
Have a busy weekend friends - how could you have any other sort at this time of the year.


Tracey Petersen said...

Oh Dear! What a shock it must have been to find all those poor bees...

x said...

oh yes feijoas !!!!! yes yes yes, I'll be there until 1 April .... could be cutting it fine but might taste some feijoas if I'm lucky ! Love the pic of the pohutkawa

Unknown said...

It´s good you didn´t know about the guests in the chimney.