Thursday, May 07, 2015

First on my List of Pleasant Smells.

 The last Rose of Summer ( not a sad one as in Thomas Moore's poem ) but a spray of Charles Austin that I picked and put on the windowsill at the sink where  I can frequently inhale it's delightful perfume.
 It got me wondering what my other favourite smells are.

1.  This rose or any other delightful flower :Violets  Carnations;Daphne; Honeysuckle Freesias etc. )
 2. Grinding Coffee beans.
 3. Freshly baked Bread.
4. Mint being chopped ( or picked or touched )
5. The smell of the sea, or pine trees; or lemons or vanilla or even CRC.
 Do you have a favourite???

 Apparently as one gets older the sense of small (Olfactory ) weakens. Mine hasn't.

 I have been still cleaning kiwifruit. I am now picking them if they are rejects as they are now edible....for us picking time must be quite soon.
 I also decided to pick most of the persimmons .
 The birds and wasps were devouring them. They are ripening in this bin. One of my favourites.
 I have also been doing the walnut pick up but I tell you about that every year. Lots of Beautiful nuts.

I have planted out seedling silver beet; beetroot; broccoli; cauliflower lettuce and celery 
 I got a lovely new red Cyclamen for by the back door.
 I also plant them in the garden. They were very cheap and make wonderful colour at this time of the year.
 The big oak tree in the garden is now dropping leaves daily. so this is what an Autumn scene looks like.
 As you can see my Vireya rhododendrons are flowering well.
 There delights are visual not smell.
 The buds are quite interesting too.
 Apart from taking in some trousers the sewing machine has been idle, but the knitting needles have been busy. I will eventually show you what on.


Jennifer said...

Such lovely flowers......and it isn't even spring! Your rose is beautiful.

Lucille said...

I agree with all your smells and would add saffron and mimosa. Thank you for your visit. I am intrigued by your kiwi orchard work.