Sunday, July 05, 2015

Taking Shape.

 Quilt progress has been made.

 Blocks for  the first 4 rows ready on the table.
 Then joined ( the 4 on the right ) and the next 2 assembled.
 There are 9 rows of blocks in all.

 The little apple green blanket got finished last Sunday and went home  with the parents to be, along with the bag of booties and beanies I'd finished.

In the orchard the Avocado trees had some pruning done to let more light in. Then this beast came along to mulch the cut off branches up.
 See it spitting the comped up wood into the big  red bucket. It then distributed it under the trees as mulch. ( a few of next years avos did get lost in the process but it's for the greater good.)
 The mulching machine can be remotely controlled. Here it is following it's driver down the driveway back to it's truck.
 Across the road from us a neighbour has 2 little Kuni Kuni pigs, called Maisy and Tallulah.
 I now know they are named after characters in the children's books by Lucy Cousins. ( where Maisy is a female mouse and Tallulah is a female chicken ). 
 If we have any special left overs or delectable scraps R has been taking them over for the piggies. One of course is always greedy.
 One keeps getting out near the road so it might not have a good ending.
 I will have to try for some better photos the light here makes them hard to see.


julieQ said...

What a pretty quilt!! But I have to say...I love those pigs!!

Françoise said...

Lovely quilt!
The pigs look cute. :-)

Pam said...

Ah, yes, Maisie Mouse - know her well. So exciting that you're going to be a granny (I recommend it). And the big birthday... well, hmm, yes. At least we're still here...

Chookyblue...... said...

sounds like a good job done the pruning.........