Sunday, October 11, 2015

Fruit & Veg to Come.

Thank you Molly, Jane, joolz ,Dianne,Thimbleanna, Suzy, Linda and  Annie ( RR ), for your comments . They are much appreciated.
 I can't yet add to that subject so I will talk about something else.

 My eye and my camera tell me there should be things to eat in the future. This is # 2 cauliflower of 6. We have eaten # 1 2 weeks ago. It is good that they are staggering their development.
 Also ripe for the eating are these 6 wee tom Thumb lettuce.

 Down in the orchard the kiwifruit are getting their leaves and flower buds slowly.
 This is a female vine.
 The males are a bit ahead and look like this.

 In the home orchard there is blossom on the nashi.

 ( can you see the bee doing his thing? )
There are some plums set if you look very closely.
 The apple tree is just starting.
 With all the fruit this is the first step of many before the eating part. But it is a promising beginning.

 One last thing to show. I bought this ( here half peeled so you could see it both ways ) is a purple fleshed  kumara.


Sew Quilt Designs said...

Looks good at your place with all that blossom and produce :)

Julie said...

That kumara is intriguing - what colour did it cook to.

molly said...

Guilt pangs here when I see all those lovely vegetables, that I haven't moved my posterior out to plant some here as we are coming into the best months for growing. Maybe your mouth watering lettuces will inspire me!

Ali Honey said...

Hi Julie, The kumara stayed almost that bright dark purple and tasted more like the orange variety than the cream inside ( red skin ) type. I had it in mixed roast vegetables and it didn't stain everything else. I guess the nutrients in it may be different from the other colours.