Monday, August 15, 2016

What Has been Happening Here.?

 Just today I have started picking these Macadamia nuts from one tree ( The others don't seem to be ready yet ) The outer green shell splits and we pick the nuts and dry them on a trolley in the sun. That shell is then removed and the hard brown inner shell needs dryinyg, before we Crack /shell them. We store them in the freezer so they don't go rancid.

 I quickly knitted Grandson another hat as he lost a couple.
 I have now started his next ribbed singlet / pullover.

 Grandson and his parents and other Grandma spent 3 nights here and went home yesterday
 He is such an active little boy and just a delight. I love him dearly.( 10.5 months ) 
 Today R is out with the  tractor and big mower mulching up the prunings under the kiwifruit vines. As my exercise for the day I will walk the rows with a rubbish container and pick up all the food wrappers, cigarette packets, drink containers etc etc. That the 25 pruners dropped.
 Its good to have the vines now pruned and new canes tied down to the wires. We will have to do some adjusting and titivating to get them to our liking. But the sun is shining these last few days and everything underfoot is drying up.
 I haven't finished quilting the Charity quilt yet so that awaits my attention.

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Mary said...

Oh my dear, you stay so busy in the fields - hard work I'm sure. I've never seen macadamia nuts in their shells before.
You create beautiful knitted things for that adorable little guy - he is really precious.

Mary -