Saturday, May 27, 2017

Sunny Harvest Day.

 Kiwifruit picking 2017.
Thursday was a sunny warm day. After overnight rain the clean up spray got reapplied and the sprayer went through just blowing to try and dry the fruit as it was so calm. Despite the late start we just got finished before dark This photo shows just some of the 25 pickers working flat out. There were 4 tractors pulling bin trailers each carrying  3 bins. 

 The 2nd trailer load of 3 bins has arrived back at the loading area. The 1st 3 can be seen on the left behind with the bin cards ( identification etc ) attached.The other bins are as yet empty, soon  to be filled.
 Some of the pickers were female.
 Pickers from many counties. This man from Iran.
 Note how the bottom of the picking bag unlatches so the fruit gently slides out.

 Some were happy to pose.
The tractor driver and the supervisor smooth the top of the bins and check for any leaves or stalks to take out.
Joey on the forklift ( for lifting full and empty bins and loading the trucks )  just giggled when the back right wheel got stuck. He waited till a tractor came and pushed him out.

One of the curtain sided trucks partly filled with full bins 
Lots of people; lots of fast picking and bag  emptying.
 Well that's done for this year. It was our 36th crop.


Chookyblue...... said...

Always such a relief when harvest is done......

molly said...

Wow. Impressive operation! We're happy here to get a few strawberries if the birds are kind enough to leave any (I think the OC plants them for the birds anyway!) a few cucumbers for our salads and, in the years the tree does well, quite a lot of figs. Which, I guess, is the difference between a hobby and a professional endeavor....Love your international crew, and what a clever trapdoor on the bag!