Saturday, July 01, 2017

Muri Beach.

3 generations of our family are back from a week staying at Pacific Resort at Muri Beach in Rarotonga , Cook Islands. Our Villa was right on the beachfront.
 ( taken from the front door )

Muri Beach is the right lower corner.( click to enlarge )

 I purchased this small breadfruit design, hand pieced and hand quilted table runner at the Sunday Market in Avaroa. The quilter had not labelled it.

The first few days and nights were very, very windy, then fortunately the weather improved and the sun came out. It was not as hot as I had expected but I did swim on 4 days.
 In the grounds of the Resort gardeners were keeping us all safe from falling Coconuts.

 Theses guys below are making plaited covered poles ( from coconut palm fronds ) for the decorations at a wedding that happened one evening.



Julie said...

Well that looks rather idyllic, especially now the big cold snap is arriving. Looks as though coconuts are rather lethal.

Ali Honey said...

Yes. Stay warm. We are the luckier ones as far as the current cold snap goes. A good time to stay in and sew and cook if you get the chance!

Anjali Garg said...

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