Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Well Hello.

"Well Hello there "...that was the glove puppet on my left hand's the only sewing I have done recently.
 I made this from memory as I couldn't find the pattern. It is probably 40  - 45 years since I last made one of these basic felt glove puppets for my own boys. I hope Grandson can learn to use it. He can use finger puppets.
We have at last had some meaningful rain and today a cooler temp so all the crops and garden are refreshed.
 My late friend D gave me these pink lilies so I think of her as they flower. I have yellow and salmon coloured ones out too. The purple tansy flowered. 
 And the sunflower was magnificent for a few days

 but looks a bit sad now. The 2 smallest ones are almost dead...too much water or not enough???
 The pollination mentioned 17 days ago is now long over and the fruit sizing up rapidly - the rain will help.
 All my life Summer ( December particularly ) has been a busy busy time. As a youngster on a farm there was always shearing and haymaking as well as pre Christmas preparations.
 That has not changed, just the tasks we do.
 I have been in the kitchen some of the time making Christmas cake, fruit mince pies and Foccacia bread most of which is in the freezer till needed.
 My strawberries have been producing well.
 A few have holes that seem to be caused by ants...well ants are inside the holes anyway.

 What I haven't done is written the usual ' Yearly Letter' or sent a single Christmas card.....I wonder if anyone will notice. I am instead focusing on close family and friends.
I hope your pre- Christmas tasks are going smoothly...far too many of you UK ladies seem to be slipping and take care out there where it's cold and wet .

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Diane-crewe said...

what beautiful colours you have .. and the memories of your friend makes them even brighter