Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Historical Fiction.

 Jenny Pattrick's latest book was a satisfying light read for me, as have her previous books been.
 Set in NZ in 1907/8 the joining of  the main trunk  railway line and the building of the Makatote viaduct is all factually correct ( Jenny does great research ) .
 Rose from her very first novel, The Denniston Rose appears as an older person in this book.
 I would recommend her books if you have not already found them. See her website  www.jennypattrick.com 
 If you are familiar with the Main Trunk Line you will know what amazing engineering and impressive use of manpower took place building it and particularly the ingenious Raurimu Spiral. 
 This book should be available at your NZ library or Paper Plus stores.
 ( I hope she writes some more. ) 

 I showed the pic of the smaller lot in the last blog. They ripened up nicely after about 24 hours on the window sill and are sweet and tasty. Great for my breakfast. This is the best they have ever produced so I'll keep feeding them b and b and compost and lots of water.

 At the moment we are eating from our garden. I love making fritters so courgettes are great in them. We currently have tomatoes ( 6 varieties ) courgettes,  silver beet , spinach, corn cobs, beans, potatoes, spring onions, beetroot  and  cucumbers .


Janice said...

It’s great when you find an author who provides an enjoyable read. Your vege garden sounds very productive. Ours is relatively small now but we are getting a few tomatoes, zucchini’s, egg plants, spinach and of course plenty of herbs. The raspberries have now finished. We only planted our blueberry last year. There were two sour tiny berries. We look forward to next year.

Raewyn said...

I've read the first few Jenny Pattrick books but haven't read her latest ones - thanks for reminding me to hunt her out! Those blueberries look delicious and your garden is doing very well - nothing beats the flavours of home grown!

Suzy said...

The blueberries look delicious - I made blueberry jam for the first time recently and loved it.