Monday, July 30, 2018

New Place.

Signs of warmer days to come in our new garden.
Grandson ( 2 years 10 months ) has gone home ( after 9 days )  last Friday afternoon but enjoyed exploring the new surroundings despite having a nasty cold....which I caught from him just when I thought I was coming right.
 I have zero energy at the moment. R has caught it too!
One very windy day we tried our hand at flying this little kite. ( his Dad flies big ones so he had the general idea. ) 
 We used the beach toys to do a little digging in the garden around one of the cherry trees. There are 7.( 4 different varieties. )

I can't say I am adjusting very fast. This place still feels very strange( and often inconvenient ) to me.
 When the sun shines in it is super warm. When it doesn't and in the long windowless hall it is very cool. I don't know why I got it out but I went back to the large coloured brochure advertising this property and I can see by the photos they took at least one wall heater with them. - that explains why one room is cold.

 The kid's playground needs a lot of repair to make it safe for an almost 3 year old.

 The neighbours are friendly and invited us to go out with them last Friday - hope they didn't get cold germs off us.
Things don't fit well in what is to be my sewing room so I will have to change furniture. We were more lucky here in the office where the computer is. It is a small snug room and the 2 filing cabinets and computer desk fitted with not a centimetre to spare. 
 I also like having a large ( first ever ) walk in wardrobe.
 The other thing I am pleased with is a very generous sized hot water / airing / linen cupboard.


molly said...

It always takes a while! In my husband's 30 year AF career we were generally settled and feeling at home just around the time he'd be given a new assignment! The garden looks very nice. But no more avocados or kiwis?

Ali Honey said...

No Kiwifruit ( that's just fine by me ) and Yes 4 avocados 2 hass and 2 reed.

Janice said...

It certainly does take a bit of adjusting when you are in a new home after such a long time in the previous one. We found after we had lived in ours a while we started to get the feel of both the house and garden and worked out what improvements we wanted to make to make it work for us and truly make it our home. We have been here two and a half years and we are nearly there. A few more items may be done, but they are more wants ather than needs. I still need to go through some boxes of stuff that is hanging around and really get my sewing room sorted. It will happen eventually. Good luck with it all. I know you will get there. Let’s hope there are lots of nice surprises in the garden when spring arrives.