Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Bird Watcher.

I suppose a country childhood started the habit of bird watching.
 Living 40 years on the orchard reinforced the habit and now living above an estuary has extended my constant observing of birds.
 Since we moved here over 4 months ago we have compiled a list of birds we have seen.on or near our property.
 Some daily, some only occasionally and fleetingly.
 These books  are a good reference.( the 3 fiat ones now old, were got when our kids were little ) (the top one Birds of the Waikaraka Estuary and Tauranga Harbour,is more recent.)
( That's not our estuary but the next one along. Ours is an off shoot of the Te Puna Stream. )

 Royal Spoonbills are the most recent interesting sighting. Apparently there are 6. We have seen 5 on several occasions. I can't yet get a good close photo, so have shown the one from the book.They are quite large birds and really good at vacuuming!. 
 One morning I spotted 4 in this old dead tree I can see from the upstairs window.
From a different angle I can see where the estuary comes in a narrow channel to the bottom of our garden.

 This is what I can see downstairs from the dining room windows.

 The birds we have on our list are:-
Sparrows; Thrush; Blackbirds; Tui; Hawk; Fantail; Silver eyes; Doves ; Pukeko; Ducks;Canadian geese; Mynahs; Kingfishers; Pheasants; Seagulls ; Quails; Plovers; Shags; White faced Herons; Chaffinch; Goldfinch; Welcome swallows; Pied stilts; Malay spotted doves; Rosellas;Grey Warbler and Royal Spoonbill.

 The Canadian geese and ducks of course leave a awful mess by the water so we watch where  we walk.
Here are some evening photos I took down near the water's edge.

I wonder how many more different birds we can add to our list?
( Click on photos to enlarge ).

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Janice said...

I wouldn’t call myself a bird watcher, but I love seeing the different birds. One morning when we lived out of town I saw14 different varieties in our yard. Now that we have moved into town the numbers are far less. I enjoy looking for different ones when we travel and havr a bird book that lives in our caravan. Fo enjoy looking for different birds now you have moved and I wonder what will turn up with the different seasons. Thanks for sharing the beautiful photos of the waterfront.