Friday, November 15, 2019

The Garden.

We had quite good rain the night before last and the garden got watered which is a help. There are many bright spots and I have been working hard to keep it all weeded and pruned and leaves picked up and generally growing well. 
 Abraham Derby smells so good but the heads droop with the weight of the rain.

 Its neighbour in the same patch holds its heads up easier. It is Golden Wedding which was a gift from my sister when we moved here. It lived with her in a bucket for some time so is flourishing now it's roots have room to spread.
The dianthus are all doing well. Carnations are my favourite flowers so any members of that family that do well are a delight.

Dancing Queen.
I've been training and tipping the grape vine and little grapes are now setting.

 It is quite a long vine near the house. We cut the other 4 out as it was just too much upkeep and the birds took all the grapes. This one I am prepared to net if I have to.

 R chose these gazanias when we were at the garden centre. ( I already had pink ones nearby ) They are growing atop a wall near the clothes line and are looking very bright. They open and shut with the daylight.
The native Renga Renga lilies in front of the Photinia hedge are out.
( Sideways sorry )

Things in the vege garden are starting to produce and we have enjoyed a couple of yummy stir-fries of them.
 There is always plenty to do with such a large garden, but I love doing it. 
 Thank you ladies for your kind comments on the previous post. The ball is almost finished. I am saving the last few rounds of chain stitch to do at P and Q next week. I haven't any other hand stitching on the go so need something to do during that time as well as talking.


Janice said...

Your garden is coming along nicely. Some rain makes all the difference. So much better than tap water. Garden fresh veges are the best. So far we only have some snow peas and broad beans, but one tomato is already colouring up.

Mystic Quilter said...

You have my all time favourite rose - Abraham Derby! Yes, the rain can really knock them but their scent is magical, I don't have one in this garden but I'm going to remedy that next rose planting season.
Your garden is looking to full now and lucky you having your fresh vegetables already, I planted mine rather late so it will be some before we're eating from the garden.

Pam said...

That all looks so lovely!