Tuesday, June 22, 2021

My Little Changes.

 My little changes won't save the planet but my actions are the only ones I can change.

 Where I go, how I go, what I buy, what I throw out, what I reuse, what I do without, what I make myself  will make a difference. too small to measure in the greater scheme of things. I am prepared to try. So will others be, but not everyone. 

I wear makeup. I have done since I was a teenager. I believe it has protected my skin and I am naturally pale so it helps me feel better about facing the world or even looking in the mirror.

 I am now taking even more interest than before about containers and packaging. In the photo are 2 identical products to protect lips from the wind and sun. The round  tiny tub I can clean and reuse as a container for tiny sewing items - beads, buttons etc. so the push out type ( with 3 small plastic bits ) will no longer be my choice. Both have too much packaging.
 The foundation comes in a glass bottle so is okay but it has a plastic lid.
The choice of eyebrow pencil is clear the one that can be sharpened and has no plastic.
 Also with the lipstick. The lip crayon it is called ( is  3x fatter than lip liner )  is all useable and just needs sharpening when it gets blunt.. ( I also compare the amount in these containers the difference was huge.)

Some skin products I like come all in plastic tubes...how am I going to change that....look for some in glass? ....not use them....make my own?
 Soap. I like Dove  sensitive ( not strictly soap ) for my shower. I buy it singly as the 4 together have an extra plastic wrapper. ( so more expensive for me  ) Shampoo seems to be all in plastic containers 
( possibly for safety ).
 Do any of you have any good suggestions for me?
 Next time I will look in the kitchen cupboards.


Susan Heather said...

Well done. Some of the bar shampoos are quite good.

kiwikid said...

It is a challenge to reduce the amount of plastic rubbish. I have found Coles here offers recycling for plastic you can scrunch up eg. biscuit wrappers, frozen vege bags etc. That has saved a lot of plastic going into land fill.

julieQ said...

I try and find my face moisturizer is glass, and use the containers over and over and over. I recycle everything!! Many containers can be used again...and I think the thing is, don't buy so much, at least it works for me. I applaud your efforts, and I am pale too!

Mary said...

I've really not bought much in the way of makeup products since COVID arrived - don't use much since wearing a mask whenever away from the house! I do use facial washes, moisturizers, serums etc., also shampoo/conditioners, and do feel guilty that they are mostly in plastic, but recycle all containers in the blue bin!
Mary -

Kate peace said...
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Ali Honey said...

Thanks everyone. Susan I found some bar shampoo at the supermarket. I will let you know what I think when I have tried it.

Pam said...

I'm interested in this too. I would hate not to have council collections of recycling, though. It's much more convenient than driving to big bins elsewhere. We have zero food waste, though, and we compost anything suitable. But lots of things are in plastic - such as raspberries and strawberries, which in my youth were in cardboard containers. Also meat, which Ross eats, though I don't. I could go to a butcher's and get it in bloody (literally!) greaseproof paper, but as a squeamish vegetarian, I just can't bear to. It's a problem.