Wednesday, April 13, 2022

An Inside Sort of Day.

 Over night we had heavy rain ( needed ) then gusty winds which resulted in a 2 hour power outage first thing this morning. It has calmed now and the concrete out the window has dried. To save these beauties from the wind I picked the bunch and have them on the bench inside.  I think this might be called St. Mary's rose ( breed locally by Rob Somerfield ).They were the only 2 roses in this garden when we came here. A delicate perfume. 

 The rose bushes are  improving now that big shady trees overhanging them, belonging to next door have been cut back . We didn't even ask- those neighbours are in no way gardeners. (They didn't even notice ) In front of them I have planted 3 low growing white rose carpets.


I am sewing  These 5 are complete and #6 almost. It has hazel nuts on it.

 The back shows the simple hexagon quilting design.

 The new steps are all finished. The plants just need to grow a bit so it doesn't look quite so new.

 Yellow violas and small flax  -  Phormium  Spearmint and dwarf Gardenia Radicans ( suitable for pots ) in the 2 new blue pots at the bottom. I may yet plant something else in the gaps between the flax. Not gardening weather today! Back to the sewing and reading. Stay safe out there.


Susan Heather said...

Lovely roses. I picked red ones before the storm but it bypassed us.

Diane-crewe said...

The steps are going to disappear into the background in no time x The roses are stunning x