Sunday, September 24, 2023


 All week I have been doing short walks to help my back. I hurt it last weekend. Walking did not hurt it . Getting up after sitting did.

 Today with it 95% better I did a LONG walk. This afternoon I walked for an hour and 40 minutes, from Hukarua Harbour Park ( at the end of Plummer's Point Road ) to Te Puna Beach. I wore far too many clothes and carried an umbrella. As you can see from the first photo it was dull and spitting when I started out. It improved to quite warm. I have shown you photos on this walk before ( not recently ).

 The tide was fully in today.
 Here the path follows the railway line on the left.

 The highlight of my walk was finding this avenue of Awanui Flowering cherries all out. I counted 50.


molly said...

Looks like a lovely walk Ali! The best cure for all that ails us(well a lot of it!) as we get older is to keep moving....

Mary said...

Hope your back continues to heal Ali - you are right to gradually walk increasing the distance over time. I have lower back issues too which cause sciatica down the back of my right thigh/leg. I've refused surgery and can manage quite well as long as I know when to stop - such as gardening and house cleaning, both which require bending!!!! If I overdo it I'm sorry for a day or so!
Your walk looked lovely - especially the cherry trees in bloom.

We've just escaped major damage from the latest hurricane, Ophelia, which made landfall on the North Carolina coast yesterday morning. Here inland, we had torrential rain - 3.5 inches - all day and some wind, but luckily no power loss or trees falling around us!

Life certainly isn't dull is it. We're off to the UK soon to visit my family - hoping England welcomes us with nice mild October weather - but of course there will be a raincoat in my bag, as always!
Get well soon.
Hugs, Mary

Janice said...

I feel for you, having hurt my back last week too (now better). I’m glad to hear that your back is coming good too. It was a very pretty walk. The avenue of trees was definitely a great find.